Striped Dresses for Spring

March 16, 2017  |  Fashion 29 comments

Earth to spring. Stop flirting with us and make a commitment! I’m hoping that by channeling spring style, I’ll send some positive vibes out there and make the season arrive a little sooner. Today I’m sharing striped dresses for spring. Off-the-shoulder sleeves, stripes, and ruffles are a few details that make this particular dress so special. I added a pop of color with an adorable pink scarf. Learn some cool ways to tie a scarf from this video, which I recommend. There’s a method that turns it into a flower for your hair that I’m dying to try.

Banana Republic Off-Shoulder Stripe Dress

Banana Republic Off-Shoulder Stripe Dress and Scarf

How to Style a Neckerchief

Details of Banana Republic Off-Shoulder Stripe Dress and ScarfBlogger Yasmin Hakim wearing Banana Republic Off-Shoulder Stripe Dress and ScarfEven though this dress is now hanging in my closet, I’ve already got my eye on a few more amazing striped dresses. Below I’ve listed some gorgeous options at various price points from $40 – $250.

Hopefully you’ll find a style you love so you too can rock one of my favorite prints this season. Love my look? Shop similar styles in the blog shop!

Blush Tones & Bell Sleeves

March 15, 2017  |  Fashion 18 comments

I am a sucker for blush. This top had me at hello with its bell sleeves, cold shoulders, and brilliant blush hue. Blush happens to be one of those colors that flatters everyone in a way similar to grey, black, and white. Lately for me, blush has become just as key as any neutral. I’ve linked this top and a couple similar styles, all under $80. The blouse is perfect for spring and I will definitely wear it on repeat this season.

Blogger Yasmin Hakim wearing Chelsea28 Bell Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top from Nordstrom Blogger Yasmin Hakim wearing Quay All My Love Sunglasses Blogger Yasmin Hakim wearing Chelsea28 Bell Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top from Nordstrom

Blogger Yasmin Hakim hanging out on the steps of the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis Blogger Yasmin Hakim wearing Chelsea28 Bell Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top from Nordstrom

I wanted to do some spring cleaning. But with the moody weather, my closet is bursting with cold and warm weather clothing. I really thought Punxsutawney Phil was off his rocker when he predicted six more weeks of winter. But I suppose his job is a lot harder with global warming thrown into the mix. Poor fella. Shop this look and similar styles in the blog shop!

Current Delights March 7, 2017

March 7, 2017  |  Current Delights 9 comments

Introducing a few things today that I’m excited to hang, watch, taste, and wear. Today’s feature are these wonderful map prints from Modern Map Art. Let’s get to it!

Blogger Yasmin Hakim of Bangles & Bungalows shares her current delights this week including Modern Map Art

Modern Map Art

Modern Map Art sent me a beautiful 8×10 print of St. Louis. It’s a detailed graphic print of the city that I’m excited to hang. I’m thinking about placing it in my bedroom. It’s a bit of a departure from my current decor, but I’ve been looking to redecorate. Perhaps this is a great piece to base a new design from. Hello mood boards! I feel an update coming on.

Beauty & the Beast

The much anticipated Disney classic is coming to theaters next week. I know it’s not as huge as Star Wars, but for me it’s the second coming of one of my favorite childhood movies. Apart from Sleeping Beauty, which I must have rented at Blockbuster over 30 times, Beauty & the Beast had me smitten. From “Be Our Guest” to the grouchy Beast who turns into a total softie, and Belle, the least princessy princess at that time, I was obsessed. Naturally I cannot wait to see Emma Watson and her updated take on the classic heroine.

Circle Bag

A circle bag has been on my wish list for a while. I’m not one to splurge on bags, so this adorable pink pom pom adorned version from will absolutely do.

Protein Breakfast Ideas

I’ve seen the most progress with my body when I increase my protein intake. Lord knows I love my carbs. But it’s painfully obvious that carbs and fats take up way more of my diet than they should. I’m pretty good at adding protein to lunch and dinner. With breakfast, though, I always have difficulty finding protein rich options. This post from Delish has so many awesome options I’m excited to try. Do you have any great protein rich breakfast recipes to share?

Aquamarine Jewelry

I am always on the hunt for unique, affordable, Indian jewelry. Aquamarine’s designs are always so fresh and lovely. This statement blue necklace is remind me of royalty. It would pair perfectly with a crisp white dress, or a lovely pastel blue sari. Discover more of their collection on their Facebook page.

Anything you’re currently delighted by? I’d love to know what has caught your eye lately.

Spring Awakening

March 1, 2017  |  Fashion 53 comments

Spring is on my mind! What better way to signal that we’re ready for a spring awakening than florals? This Scattered Roses Shirt from Soft Surroundings is teeming with beautiful blooms. I love the contrast between the bright pinks and turquoise blue. Something about the top and this wide brim hat is giving me serious vacation vibes.

Blogger Yasmin Hakim in Scattered Roses Shirt from Soft Surroundings

Spring Awakening - casual style for spring 2017

Shirt: c/o Soft Surroundings / Hat: c/o Soft Surroundings / Earrings: c/o Kendra Scott / Necklace: c/o Kendra Scott / Crossbody: Rebecca Minkoff (similar) / Loafers: Shoptiques / Sunglasses: Tory Burch x Ditto

Pink Saddle Bag on Bangles & Bungalows

Blogger Yasmin Hakim in Scattered Roses Shirt from Soft Surroundings

Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace on Bangles & Bungalows

Spring Awakening - casual style for spring 2017

One of the things I love about Soft Surroundings is the quality fabrics. This cotton voile top is lightweight and breezy, which keeps me comfortable and cool in wavering temperatures. The cheerful palette is colorful enough to bring the garden to you. Thinking about a spring awakening? Spread the joy in your most colorful florals this season.

Disclosure: Shirt and hat provided by Soft Surroundings. All opinions are my own.

4 Reasons to See the New St. Louis Art Exhibit

February 26, 2017  |  Art 27 comments
New St. Louis Art Exhibit Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade

New St. Louis Art Exhibit: Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade

Looking for something fresh to do around the city? Get your girls together! Take a date! Or treat your parents. And visit the new St. Louis art exhibit: Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade. The intersection of fashion, art, history, and Parisian culture comes alive with 60 works of art and a range of period hats dating from 1875 to 1914. Enjoy paintings and pastels by Degas that have never been exhibited in the United States. I was invited by the St. Louis Art Museum (co-organized with the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco) along with a few of my blogger friends (Carmen, Diana, and Psyche) to preview the exhibit. Here’s why you won’t want to miss it:

Bloggers visiting the new St. Louis art exhibit

Bloggers at the St. Louis Art Museum

4 Reasons to Visit the New St. Louis Art Exhibit


SLAM Impressionists Exhibit

One: See street style photography before its time. During this period, Degas painted observations of contemporary Parisian life. He often captured women focused in their life, and seemingly unaware of the artist’s presence. This must have been the closest thing to street style photography in the 1800s! Actually, photography was going through some major breakthroughs at this time moving from glass plates to the introduction of plastic film. Degas himself experimented with photography and used it to influence his art.

Bonnets at the St. Louis Art Museum

Bonnets adorned with plumes, ribbons, and artificial flowers

Two: Support a female dominated trade. By the 1900s, 25,000 of the estimated 28,000 artificial flower makers in Paris were women. And most of the 8,000 people working in the city’s millinery trade were women. Top designers in the industry of flower and hat making included Caroline Reboux, Camille Marchais and Mademoiselles Cotel.

A milliner's boutique

Pop-up milliner’s shop

Three: Get the 1800s boutique experience. Have you ever wondered what it was like to shop in Europe during the 1800s? There is a cute little milliner boutique vignette (totally Instagram worthy) complete with period chairs and hatboxes. You can also see first hand what it takes to create one of their custom hats from the shape, to the tools, and also the embellishments.

Hats at the new St. Louis art exhibit

Four: Observe how art became a way to support women laborers. Chiquita Banana has nothing on these hats. Straw, feathers, flowers, ribbons, sequins, and even entire birds adorn the historic hats. Bouquets of artificial flowers are even piled on top of hats from front to back for the most dramatic designs. These hats can span as wide as two feet. Degas recorded the incredibly skilled labor behind the hats with his art. He celebrated the value of milliners’ skills during a period of increased support for women’s labor rights, including better wages and hours, in the garment industry.

Edgar Degas Painting at the St. Louis Art Museum

There are so many amazing things about this new St. Louis art exhibit! It teaches history, gives us an appreciation of beauty, and offers a glimpse into casual European society. Personally, the exhibit expanded my knowledge of Degas’ contemporary period. It also showed me how art can contribute to society’s wellbeing in revolutionary ways. This exhibit runs until May 7, 2017 at the St. Louis Art Museum. Learn more online here.

All images courtesy of Elizabeth Wiseman.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the St. Louis Art Museum and HEX St. Louis. All opinions are my own.

Clarins Instant Beauty Perfectors

February 19, 2017  |  Beauty 40 comments

Clarins Instant Beauty Perfectors Makeup Flat Lay on Bangles & Bungalows

A quick and flawless makeup routine sounds nice in theory. But with issues like my inability to get the perfect cat eye in one smooth stroke, it’s often a request that God chooses to ignore haha. Clarins steps in to address this beauty void with a new line of Instant Beauty Perfectors. These tools promise to give you the perfect finish and minimize the time it takes to get ready in the morning. I’ve added Clarins Instant Beauty Perfectors to my routine. After trying them around for a bit, here’s what I learned.

Blogger Yasmin Hakim trying Clarins Instant Beauty Perfectors

How Clarins Instant Beauty Perfectors Measure Up

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

WHAT IT DOES: Evens out your skin tone and minimizes the appearance of lines, pores, and wrinkles. Add it to those pesky creases around your eyes to help prevent makeup from settling into any grooves.

WHAT I LEARNED & LOVE: It makes your skin feel silky soft. The pleasant cream provides a smooth canvas for your makeup to glide onto. That means less time spent later on touching up.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer

Instant Light Brush-On Perfector

WHAT IT DOES: Covers dark under eye circles, blemishes, and pigmented spots for a more flawless finish. Oat sugars in the formula help tighten and smooth problem areas.

WHAT I LEARNED & LOVE: Currently, I use three products to cover blemishes, dark spots, and under eye circles. This cuts it down to one tool. I wish they had a more diverse range of shades, though.

Face Contouring Palette

WHAT IT DOES: Highlighter, contour, and blush all in one glam palette. Plus there’s a helpful mini-guide to show you what goes where.

WHAT I LEARNED & LOVE: The brush is fantastic! The bristles curve and mold to the edges of your face, making application super easy. However, I’d use a separate, larger brush to blend with. Currently, I use Bare Minerals for contouring, which involves multiple jars, two brushes, and loose powder (which gets everywhere). The all-in-one Clarins palette minimizes the time I spend opening and closing jars and wiping down the table. Plus it’s easily transportable. This simple palette may be my favorite of the Clarins Instant Beauty Perfectors line.

Clarins 4 Color All in One Pen

4-Colour All-in-One Pen

WHAT IT DOES: Three eyeliner colors and a lip liner are contained in one nifty pen, which fits easily into a small purse.

WHAT I LEARNED & LOVE: The cool multi-push pen takes me back to grade school and my love for colorful pens. Nostalgia aside, the pen is ultra convenient for on-the-go touch ups. Plus, the blue liner adds the perfect pop of color. For a smaller pop, try adding it to the inner corners of your eyes.

Clarins Supra Volume Mascara reviewed on Bangles & Bungalows

Supra Volume Mascara

WHAT IT DOES: This mascara promises to plump, thicken, and lengthen your lashes for a photo finish look.

WHAT I LEARNED & LOVE: My lashes appeared noticeably longer and thicker with this mascara, creating a dramatic look.

Blogger Yasmin Hakim trying on Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rosewood Shimmer

Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

WHAT IT DOES: Natural ingredients like Shea butter and mango conditioner combine to plump and shine your pout.

WHAT I LEARNED & LOVE: I could feel the plumping effects taking place. Plus it looks fabulous layered on top of your favorite lipstick and/or the liner in Clarins’ 4-Colour All-In-One Pen.Clarins Infinite Beauty Perfectors Makeup Routine

As I’ve revealed, many of these tools minimize time spent in front of the mirror perfecting your makeup. Together they can provide a flawless finish in no time. Or insert a couple of Clarins Instant Beauty Perfectors into your daily routine to reduce multiple steps. I for one have fallen in love with the primer and cannot imagine starting my routine without it. It also doesn’t hurt that the golden cases are super glamorous and Instagram worthy.

What’s your secret to a quick morning makeup routine? Shop these beauty products in the blog shop!

Disclosure: Clarins sponsored this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wish List Wednesdays February 15, 2017

February 15, 2017  |  Wish List Wednesdays 31 comments

Bangles & Bungalows Wish List Wednesday Including Great Gift Ideas in Fashion and Home Decor February 15, 2017

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

What I want, need and love on my wish list this week …

A romantic bell sleeve blouse for a night out.

The crossbody bag you’ll want to carry all day everyday.

Baublebar and Target join forces for these sparkling stunners.

For the glamour girl, this bench would look great at the foot of your bed.

These mules are too cute with their fringe detail.

Loving the punchy red and pink stripes on this crochet sweater.

Store your entertaining bits and baubles in this mixed media cart, at an affordable $104.

See anything you want, need or love for your wish list?


Valentine’s Day Date Night Style

February 14, 2017  |  Fashion 35 comments

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you’re taking some time to indulge yourself today, whether it’s with chocolate, flowers, a night on the town, or Netflix for one. One of my favorite things about celebrating a holiday is the festive atmosphere, which usually involves dressing up. So I thought I’d share a little Valentine’s Day date night style. Check out how I styled this gorgeous pink origami-style wrap skirt from Finery London.

Lifestyle blogger Yasmin Hakim of Bangles & Bungalows in Valentine's Day Date Night Style

Blouse: Banana Republic (similar) / Skirt: Finery London / Necklace: C for Charlotte (similar) / Sunnies: Tory Burch x Ditto / Clutch: Banana Republic (similar)

Lifestyle blogger Yasmin Hakim of Bangles & Bungalows in Finery London Belshaw Fold A Line Skirt

Lifestyle blogger Yasmin Hakim of Bangles & Bungalows in Finery London Belshaw Fold A Line Skirt

Christian Paul Whitehaven Mesh Watch on Bangles & Bungalows

Whitehaven Mesh Watch c/o Christian Paul

Lifestyle blogger Yasmin Hakim of Bangles & Bungalows in Finery London Skirt

Styling Bold Colors

Since pink and red are synonymous with the celebration of romance, I thought I’d go all in. The trick to wearing two bright colors together? Well red and pink are a divine combination. But if you want subtlety, I suggest featuring one color in a statement piece, like this pink skirt. Then accent the rest of the outfit with pops of the other color: a red belt, clutch and heels in this case. This look isn’t complete without a skinny red belt, a fabulous way to break up two solid colored pieces.

Shop my Valentine’s Day date night style in the blog shop!

Wish List Wednesdays February 8, 2017

February 8, 2017  |  Wish List Wednesdays 28 comments

wish list

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

What I want, need and love on my wish list this week …

This shirtstripe jumpsuit is the simplest outfit to throw together.

You’ll love picking up your luggage from baggage claim whenever you see this chic tag.

These sparkling druzy drops are out of this world.

The coolest loafers yet with a pretty floral print.

This lips clutch is only $48, much more affordable than Lulu Guinness.

The perfect off-the-shoulder blouse in a beautiful punchy pink.

This intricate lace peplum top is now 40% off.

See anything you want, need or love for your wish list?