Domino Magazine Special Edition – September Issue

September 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and got all their relaxation in until the next holiday. During my weekend, I was excited to peruse the second special edition of Domino Magazine. For those unfamiliar with the glossy, Domino magazine was a a beautifully edited guide to making your home pretty that enjoyed a cult following. Alas, it was ahead of its time and only lasted about three years. This year, its publishing company released two special editions under a new editorial team. Most of the images used are from previous issues as a sort of round up of the best of the best.

In theory, it sounds great. But in reality, it’s pretty much a disappointment. The last issue was better than this one and I was hoping they’d improve upon it with the second special edition – maybe bring back some if its old personality. That definitely did not happen. Instead, we’re left with an overpriced catalogue.

Yup, that’s right. When perusing through it (I was going to say “reading”, but there’s not much text), I felt like I was looking at a furnishings catalogue. There were beautiful pictures reminiscent of the old Domino, but there was little information. Instead, Domino “elected” a style council to provide input on design questions peppered throughout. While the council consisted of great designers, I felt like it didn’t provide me much value.

It’s important to learn the rules of design to guide you through the process, but everyone has their own style preferences and rules are meant to be broken. Having a style council seems a bit uppity and selective. Rather than telling me what other people like, tell me why certain things in the pictured room work together and how I can capture that look for my own space.

The cover girl, Rashida Jones, was a throw away. She was featured beautifully on the cover and they devoted ONE PAGE with three tiny pictures to her first apartment in Manhattan. If you’re going to feature someone interesting on the cover, give us a nice spread. I like Rashida – she has great style and I’d love to learn how to emulate it. Instead, Domino chose to give us four pages to introduce the style council – yay.

Overall it was a disappointment, especially for $11. I miss the old Domino and still cannot believe I gave away all my back issues during a move. But there’s always HGTV!

Have you seen the new Domino magazine? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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