Swag Paper – Temporary Luxury Wallpaper

November 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Are you a renter or maybe a home owner with fickle taste? Want to makeover a room, but afraid wallpaper may be too costly or that you may grow tired of it over time? The temporary wallpaper market just got a bit more diverse with Swag Paper.

Swag Paper is created from high-quality textured polyester woven panels and contains eco-friendly latex ink. The paper sticks to walls like a post-it note. And there is no icky glue smell. The paper even has a luxurious texture, is crinkle-free, repositionable, removable, and reusable and leaves no residue behind. It’s great for renters, home owners, multi-purpose rooms, and sets.

Swag Paper stands out from the rest because of its unique customization options. Usually, people like to purchase temporary paper for an accent wall. With Swag Paper, you can choose from a wall height of 4 feet to 10 feet and the number of panels you want. That way you are not wasting paper (and hopefully money) by purchasing the standard double roll which can be 30 feet long or greater. If you plan on an accent wall, you will probably want to paint the rest of the walls. On the Swag Paper site, you can choose colors from three popular paint brands to match your wallpaper selection.

Brother-sister team and Chicago natives, Dave and Daniela Fields, seem to have thought about it from the perspective of a DIY crafter. What would he/she need to get the job done easily? Simple, mistake-proof application. Luxury design details. Preferably odorless – don’t want to pass out from any toxic glue fumes! And affordable – save money applying and removing. In fact, Swag Paper was made specifically for DIY crafters who revel in luxury design.

Here’s a quick video that shows you exactly how quick and easy it is to apply:

What do you think of Swag Paper? Have any experience with it? Share your thoughts below!
Individual wallpaper images and video courtesy of Swag Paper.

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