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GOODEARTH – Picture the finest silks in the boldest colors. Brass lamps lit with oil clutter the dining room near a table set for royalty. A sumptuous bedroom is adorned with tone on tone blues and whites like Chinese porcelain. The atmosphere makes you gasp like a princess lavished in luxury. That is what I imagine the experience to be like at GOODEARTH.

In 1996, Anita Lal opened GOODEARTH in Mumbai, offering luxury style through handcrafted Indian design. GOODEARTH sells fine tableware and glasses, eclectic furniture, exquisite linens and pillows, luxe lighting accessories, fashionable apparel and more all infused with eastern flair.


Lal, now in her 60s, opened her first store as a way to indulge her passion for beautiful things. She was fortunate to use her husband’s finances to launch the business. But her success is attributed more so to her commitment to quality, passion, and perseverance. She admits to having no prior business experience and managed to teach herself everything she knows. She has since passed the mantle of CEO to her daughter Simran, and now acts as Creative Head. That leaves her time to focus on creating – what she loves best.

Images via GOODEARTH

Moving forward, GOODEARTH plans to expand its product line rather than its stores. While GOODEARTH is available in India and Singapore, it delivers to many cities worldwide. GOODEARTH most recently launched Charbagh, an interior design service that was used by Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor for their wedding last year.


Now what would it take for them to come to the U.S. and do weddings here? I absolutely adore their design aesthetic. They seem to do modern/vintage + eastern/eclectic with such panache. Just looking at each of their designs, I feel immediately transported to a vibrant palace overlooking the ocean in an exotic locale. To me, it is the perfect décor to make you feel like a queen on vacation. Who doesn’t want to feel like that every day?

All images via GOODEARTH. For more information, check out this feature in the Huffington Post.

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