Fit for a Queen

March 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Jon Robshaw has had a long standing love affair with eastern block printing, starting with his early training in China. From there he found himself in India in search of natural indigo dye for his paintings. He quickly became drawn to the local artisans who practiced traditional dyeing and printing fabric-making. His travels have taken all over the far east including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Jon has learned to merge his own ideas with the traditional techniques and designs he adopted in his training. He continues to emphasize handmade craftsmanship with this fresh blend of artistry. Robshaw visits India often to oversee production in his workshops there, stay current on new dyeing and printing techniques, and work with the local artisans to help preserve their craft. He has developed relationships with many of the people he has worked with often sharing in their special moments from weddings to local festivals.

My particular obsession is with his majestic headboards. Notice the shapes within a shape, which makes for quite a unique headboard.

Although these headboards (Bihar, Orissa, Kerala) are handmade in North Carolina, their inspiration comes from the traditional architecture of India. Shapes like these are hard to come by in a headboard. Choose from thirteen hand block printed fabrics that pair perfectly with Robshaw’s line of printed bedding. All fabrics are hand printed in India. Prices vary and may range from $1610 to $2830 for a twin, queen or king sized bed.

What do you think of these headboards? Do you have a favorite? Share in the comments below!

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