Michael Boris: Classic Luxury

April 25, 2013 Leave a comment

In fashion, we tend to get caught up chasing trends and labels. So it is a pleasant surprise when a collection speaks for itself. For thirty-five years, Michael Boris honed his craft and has since developed a loyal customer following. He designs beautiful clothing for women looking to stock their wardrobes with high quality pieces that can transcend time. Last week, I had a chance to view his Fall 2013 collection at Neiman Marcus in St. Louis, MO and speak with the designer who is humble to the core.  

Boris describes his designs as classic, beautifully made, and relevant today. “I am not reinventing the wheel. I am interested in making beautiful clothes. It is not good because you like it. You like it because it is good.” There are twenty-three looks in his fall collection featuring double-faced cashmere pullovers, meticulously hand-beaded blouses, pants, and jackets, and his signature yokes and hand-knotted buttons. My favorite look is a navy jacket with a spectacular weave on the sleeves and yoke, which he pairs with a silk chartreuse dress featuring his classic hand-knotted buttons.

Michael Boris produces his entire made-to-order collection in his workroom in Gramercy Park. From sportswear to eveningwear, his pieces are embroidered, beaded, and stitched by hand. He owes this credit to a loyal staff of ladies with “hands of gold from God,” as he likes to say. The focus here is on the level of quality and the labor involved. His devoted clientele understand this and continue to build their wardrobe with his handcrafted pieces. These clothes fit easily into their wardrobes, perfect for every aspect of their lifestyles from work to play. 

Boris is also devoted to his clients. He travels the country taking his collection directly to the people at Neiman Marcus, Wilkes Bashford, and other specialty stores nationwide. In late March, he held a major press event from his Gramercy Park showroom introducing his fall line to the world, harboring great things to come.

In three years, you will see him pushing himself harder, but continuing to stay true to himself. More immediately, by spring 2014, he hopes to launch his secondary line, Gypsy from Po’Keepsie. This will appeal to a younger clientele and display his playful, hippie side. Look for a higher volume of pieces in cashmeres, knits, patterns, and crazy colors. “You’ll see the handlebar moustache, my round glasses, our signature yoke, and buttons made in metal. It will be fun!”

If you are interested in learning more about his line or purchasing from his collection, please contact [email protected]. Or visit his website at www.michaelboris.com.

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