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July 30, 2013 2 comments

Tap into the coolest new apps to boost productivity, manage spending, switch up your style, or shoot fancy videos. Learn about how each app may change your life and why I love every one of them. The last one will blow your mind.


Buffer: This app makes life easier by scheduling the content you want to share. Space posts out so you do not bombard your followers. Make sure you are engaging followers on a regular basis. Fill your Buffer queue once a day or a few times a week and Buffer will automatically post for you. When your queue is empty, Buffer will let you know it is time to fill up again. Why I love it: Posting for multiple clients has never been easier with Buffer.

IFTTT: Use a simple statement to tell this app what you want it to do: if this then that. Wait…what? For example, if (I post to Instagram) then (share my post on Facebook). It automates popular tasks for you so you do not have to manually carry them out every time. IFTTT calls these actions “recipes” that you whip up and command the app to execute. You can browse their list of popular recipes from other users like “send me an email when Netflix updates its new releases,” or “say ‘Bye’ to Twitter unfollowers,” or “back up my contacts to a Google spreadsheet.” Choose from 68 social media channels to organize your productivity. Why I love it: You don’t even have to think about all these little tasks anymore. It’s done for you like an invisible butler.


OneReceipt: Organize all of your receipts with this app. OneReceipt will track your online purchases through your email accounts and your offline ones by scanning your uploaded receipts. Then you can toss those pesky paper receipts out if you want. They also offer a monthly spending report, shipping updates, and return alerts. Security is guaranteed with special encryption technology. Right now they are in the beta phase so I will say that scanned receipts take a long time to process. Why I love it: You realize how much you have been spending so you stay accountable.

Tingo: Finding a good deal on travel accommodation can be tough. Especially when you reach your destination and realize your friends snagged a better deal than you. Tingo finds you the lowest rates. If you find a lower price, they will match the price and give you the difference. Umm…is this for real? If prices change on other rooms, they will let you know and help you trade up for free. Book a “Price Drop” room and if the rate drops, they will refund the difference to your credit card automatically. Why I love it: You can find the best deals worry free. If your deal can get better, they will make it happen.


Figr: Figr splits street style photos into four parts. Swap each section with a new one from another outfit photo. That way you can recreate style photos to find crazy, fun, and exciting new ways to mix and match your wardrobe. You work with a head shot, two body photos, and a shoes photo. Reimagine styles from runways, blogs, online catalogues, and more to find your next outfit inspiration. Why I love it: It’s the Sartorial Twist at your fingertips.


Switchcam: Don’t have a huge budget for a videographer at your next event? No problem. Get your guests to shoot your event for you including pictures and video! All they have to do is download Switchcam, take their footage, and upload it to the site. Then you can go in and edit the video together to create your own personal story. Or get Switchcam editors to help out. It’s great for weddings, concerts, and other events. Why I love it: For the true DIYer, Switchcam will allow you to see your wedding through the eyes of friends and family who love you (rather than an unknown videographer).

8mm: Filters aren’t just for your photos. Now your video can get that retro vibe too. Filters include 1920s, Noir, 60s, 70s, Sakura, XPro, Siena, Pela, Indigo, and Tuscan. Plus try multiple lenses or add jitter. When director Malik Bendjelloul ran out of money to shoot his Oscar nominated documentary “Searching for Sugar Man,” he was able to complete his project with the 8mm app. The video footage was indistinguishable. Why I love it: Now I can shoot that low-budget indie movie I’ve always wanted to…or maybe just a short.

Cycloramic: Okay this is truly remarkable. When I downloaded the app, I was mesmerized. There is some voodoo going on here. Basically, it spins your iPhone 5 to shoot 360-degree photos and videos. If you have an iPhone 4/4S, then you can only use the Guided Mode (i.e. you spin the camera yourself) to take a panoramic picture and then convert it to a 24-second video. Watch the video below to see it at work. Why I love it: Did I not mention that it’s magic? 

With the exception of Buffer, IFTTT, and Tingo, all apps are available only for iPhone right now. 

What do you think of these apps? Have you used any of them before? Let me know if there are any you love or any you would steer clear of and why!

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