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August 6, 2013 1 comment

Wallpaper is a surefire way to add drama, excitement, and even playfulness to a space. When you need help adding that wow factor to your room, turn to Flat Vernacular for inspiration. This Brooklyn-based design company offers one whimsical pattern after another that packs a pattern punch. For those of you looking to mix up your aesthetic, try one of their hand-drawn, hand-printed wallpapers for a singular space.

Flat Vernacular is where design meets art meets acid. Consider The Layers Project. The duo behind this distinctive brand, Payton Turner and Brian Kaspr, long to give their clients the wallpaper of their dreams. To create a one of a kind look, they came up with The Layers Project. Clients choose patterns, imagery, colors and more that are then layered on top of each other to create a fresh design. Each time this combination is printed, it is unique. As the wallpaper is hand-drawn and hand-printed, the layers set differently every time. See below for examples of layered wallpaper prints.

Clients can customize any of the current patterns to match their own décor from paint colors, fabrics, carpets, leaves, tiles, stained glass, and more. For this feature, prices are usually close to the listed price. In fact, Flat Vernacular encourages clients to approach them with the wildest, most outlandish requests because they relish a fantastic design challenge.

One of the craziest projects they have come up with is a wall entirely designed of pencils from their summer 2013 pop-up shop in New York City. This is almost as wacky as their Sticker Wallpaper (see below). Thousands of stickers applied in recurring shapes are covered in scrubbable clear satin vinyl. Sticker wallpaper isn’t just for the kids room. You might find the cheerful yet distinguished sticker wallpaper in bedrooms, living rooms, or even bathrooms.



Flat Vernacular is proudly made in the United States. The team works with clients big and small. Wallpaper is made to order so estimate 4 to 6 weeks for production.

 All images via Flat Vernacular.
What do you think about the designs by Flat Vernacular? Which one is your favorite? Have you seen any spaces with their wall coverings? Share in the comments below!

***Correction: This post incorrectly stated that Flat Vernacular requires a minimum of 12 rolls per order. This has been removed. Production wallpaper has no minimums and custom papers depend on the amount of colors printed. For more information, please contact the team directly. Thanks! 

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