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November 11, 2013 3 comments

This past August, I shared my first experience at St. Louis Laser Lipo Center with the Dermapen Micro-needling procedure. Dermapen is used to treat scars from acne/surgery/burns, stretch marks, pore size, and general skin rejuvenation. Its tiny needles pop into your skin to heal from within. They remind the skin to restart the healing process, which is particularly helpful where the skin has healed poorly as a scar. This controlled procedure triggers new collagen to form, but does not risk permanent scarring. For a walk through of my initial experience, read more here.

Glowing Skin

I returned in September for my follow-up appointment care of St. Louis Laser Lipo Center. After the first procedure in August, I noticed a marked improvement in the youthfulness of my skin. After my second procedure in September, the glow is brighter and stronger and has lasted well into November. My skin tone is more even. Many people comment that my skin looks luminous. This is something I used to hear a lot in my early 20s, but have since heard less of. It is definitely nice to hear again. Since then, because my skin looks so bright, others question whether I have makeup on my face. Or whether I even need makeup on my face. I could get used to that kind of compliment!

Healing Scar Tissue

Most important is whether or not my scar has diminished. I wanted to take extra time to let my skin heal itself. After one month, I was not sure of the difference so I decided to wait longer to share my results. But after two months, I definitely noticed a difference. It is interesting to note that the skin can cause itself to heal for this long after one procedure. The scar that I targeted, a blemish that formed twice in one place in two years, left a doubly dark splotch on my left cheek. The scar is less of a splotch now, and more of a spot. It’s as if I used Photoshop to lighten pixels from the surrounding area of the scar. I would imagine after about two more procedures, the scar will fade away.

The first image is taken in August prior to my initial procedure. Notice a large dark splotch in the center and two dark spots in the perimeter. The second image is taken in September prior to my second procedure. Notice the center dark splotch has reduced in size and so have the two side spots. The third image was taken today. The two dark spots on the side are almost completely gone. And the splotch in the center is lighter than it was in September. (Note: my skin appears darker in August from a summer tan.) August and September images courtesy of St. Louis Laser and Lipo

Check out before and after results of other Dermapen patients here:

If you are interested in trying Dermapen, visit St. Louis Laser and Lipo or call them at (636) 614-1665 for a consultation/appointment. Don’t forget to inquire about their current promotions!

UPDATE: St. Louis Laser and Lipo is running amazing November promotions! Get 50% off all Dermapen, Laser Hair Removal, and Facial Skin Tightening treatments purchased during November. Dermapen treatments are originally $350 for the face so you save a ton!

Disclaimer: I was treated to two Dermapen procedures by St. Louis Laser and Lipo for review.

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