Weekend Wedding with Luxemi

December 17, 2013 4 comments
This weekend I had a little help from the style goddesses at Luxemi to prepare for a family friend’s wedding in Chicago. I have had my eye on these two dresses since I discovered the online Indian fashion retailer where you can rent/borrow designer outfits. Find out more about Luxemi here and here. The pink anarkali is hot, form fitting, and attention grabbing while the pearl embellished saree is delicate, beautiful, and ethereal. I absolutely loved wearing both of them and have never received more compliments at a South Asian wedding before. 
Luxemi | Bangles & Bungalows

Yes, strangers picked up the dupatta (scarf) with my anarkali suit, oohed and aahed from across the room, and looked me up and down. It felt tailored for my body. That is key with South Asian clothing. The right tailoring makes a good outfit great. I kept the jewelry light so as not to compete with the work of the suit and the dupatta. And while the saree may appear heavy, I can assure you the netting and pearl embellishments were light as a cloud to wear. I loved the red/pink border, which was the perfect contrast to the heavenly white pearled body. 
I adored the playful embellishments like the tassels on the dupatta and the pearl flowers on the saree. The attention to detail was evident on the saree from the swirled border to the interspersed gems. You can tell that the ladies at Luxemi select only high quality garments. And even though these pieces may have been worn several times before, they appeared like new to me.
Luxemi | Bangles & Bungalows
Luxemi | Bangles & Bungalows
I am looking forward to renting again from Luxemi. It is a great deal for designer clothes that you would normally wear once or twice. The shipping/return process is super convenient. They will even ship to a hotel if you are heading out of town. Plus they send each outfit packaged neatly in luxe saree envelopes (which you get to keep!) and provide bindis and pins to make sure you are all set for a night out. If you are planning on wearing a saree, check out one of their easy to follow saree draping videos here
Have you rented from Luxemi before? What did you think? 
Disclosure: I was provided a discount to shop with Luxemi for this post. All opinions from this review are my own.

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