5 Meals I Want to Master

January 15, 2014 Leave a comment

If you’ve been keeping up with me lately, you know that one of my resolutions is to master five meals. First step is to find five recipes I like. My resolution stated I wanted to learn one chicken, one salad, one pasta, one fish (or seafood), and one Indian dish. I’m swapping the pasta dish in the list with another rice dish because who doesn’t love fried rice? Some of these dishes are healthy, and some not so healthy. But to keep me honest, I think it’s important to learn a few dishes that I can indulge in, right? Here are five dishes I’d love to learn that cover a variety of global cuisine. Don’t they look yummy?



Nasi Goreng/Indonesian Fried Rice (Eat Your Heart Out) // Roast Chicken (Jamie Oliver) // Shrimp Tacos (Tartine and Apron Strings) // Mandarin Chicken Salad (Munchin with Munchkin) // Lamb Biryani (What’s For Lunch Honey)

I am particularly excited to learn how to make the Indonesian Fried Rice. I am a sucker for a flavorful, yet spicy fried rice (not just your typical Chinese restaurant take away). I will try to keep the middle three dishes on the healthy side. But we all know biryani is NOT meant to be eaten for good health. More like good spirits.

For more meal ideas, follow my Pinterest board entitled Savory!

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