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Time to share some of my favorite mobile apps again! Tap into the coolest apps in fashion, food, music, and entertainment. Find out why I love these apps and why I am slightly addicted to my phone.


ASOS Fashion Up: If you are an ASOS junkie or are just curious about British street style, check out this app. It’s a mini monthly magazine of what’s hot in fashion, music, entertainment, books and more according to ASOS. They feature emerging artists, fashionistas, and even you. If you’ve got an ASOS look you love, they may post your picture. There are also fun nail art video tutorials and suggestions on how to style the latest fashion trends.  Why I love it: The clever and interactive features of the app keep me coming back for more. Plus it has a great pulse on what the next big fashion trends are.

ShopStyle: I often use ShopStyle for my blog and personal shopping to find fashion, beauty, and home decor items. With the app, you have all of this shopping power at your fingertips. On the home page, discover the latest sales, shop trending items, and search by style/size/designer/color/etc. The browsing possibilities are endless.   Why I love it: It’s a great way to discover items you may never have known existed. You can discover new brands, retail sites, and trends just by scrolling on your phone.


QuizUp: I am addicted to this app. I love trivia and this app covers more categories than I can list. Love the O.C.? There’s a category for that. Are you a World War II buff? Go to town. Do you know everything about Bollywood? Show ’em what you’re made of. What’s even more addictive are the titles you win after reaching ten levels in one category. Right now mine is Airplane! Passenger for reaching the 10th level of the comedy category. I haven’t discovered how many categories each topic has. But you can play people all over the world.  Why I love it: It’s a great time pass while you’re waiting for your next appointment, stuck with insomnia, or just because you love trivia.


Snapguide: Get user-generated mini guides on how to do things by yourself. Want to figure out how Kim Kardashian curls her hair in waves? There’s a guide for that. Trying to kick start your fitness plan and need to learn how to make a protein shake? There’s a Snapguide for that. The options are endless from learning a magic trick to how to make fluorescent dye. Why I love it: Now you can learn all those things you never actually needed to know, but are so much cooler for knowing, right?

Photo Editing

Rhonna Designs: Boost your photos with these awesome photo embellishments. Write with cool fonts, add banners and doodles, get crafty with vintage add-ons, and more. There are several design packs to choose from which get updated constantly. After a little while of messing around with it, you get the hang of it. It’s fun to add these nifty little doodles and word art to turn a regular photo into something worth sharing. Just don’t go overboard with the embellishments! Why I love it: You can do so much with this app. There are a million and one ways to embellish a photo. I bet you could even create an invitation, baby announcement, and more.


Foodie: Each month, download a new themed guide to recipes you can make for the family, a dinner party, or if you’re entertaining for the Super Bowl. Recent editions include Game Day Eats, Holiday Sweets, Mealtime Masterpieces, Halloween Treats, Summer Harvest, and more. Divided up my meal, the app makes it easy to find the type of meal you want to make with several delicious recipes. Each recipe features a photo, ingredients, and easy-to-follow directions. Why I love it: I have a constant stream of new recipes to try and they all look so delicious.


Dhingana: Love Bollywood music and want to listen to it on the go? Don’t trust Pandora to choose it for you? Try Dhingana’s mobile app. Get the latest songs or the golden oldies you love. Find songs by artist, mood, movie, actor, and more. Create your own playlists and share them. Skip songs as often as you like. There’s even a whole library of Western music. And if you’re looking for desi music that’s not Bollywood, like Bengali, Kashmiri, Punjabi, or Urdu, it’s available. Why I love it: If I want to listen to the entire song before purchasing it, I can do it on Dhingana. Also, it’s a great way to discover the best new Bollywood jams.

What other types of apps would you like to hear about? Any apps you love that you’d like to share?

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