Organizing Beauty Essentials

March 20, 2014 Leave a comment

Today I am happy to present a limited series to help you kick off your spring cleaning! Getting organized is a huge part of the season. That’s why I have linked up with Garage Envy, your garage storage expert. They specialize in garage shelving, garage flooring, garage cabinets, and overhead racks to help you get your garage organized. 

Madison Aki, Web Marketing Specialist for Garage Envy, shares her best tips on how to clear up and clean out your beauty collection. Check this space next week for how to organize your car because we all know how things have a way of piling up in there!

e.l.f. Studio Makeup Artist Brush and Palette Set

My husband and I share three drawers in our bathroom. To his frustration and dismay, my beauty products take up all three. Oh, and it doesn’t stop at the drawers. You’ll find nail polish and feminine products under the sink, 5-year-old hair products I think I’ll eventually use in a large plastic bin, and bobby pins scattered across the shelves in our closet. I hope I’m not the only one, but it’s safe to say I need an organizing intervention. I’m not saying I need a professional organizer to come to my house, but I definitely need to buckle down and use some of these tips to get my bathroom looking great—and I hope they can help you too!

1. Sort and Throw

This is sometimes the hardest part for me because there are so many lotions, hair serums, and nail polishes I think I may use in the future. But the cold hard truth is that I use about 4 different products and stick to those. The rest are just expiring and taking up space in the process. So, here I go with the dreaded phrase…throw it away! Chances are, you won’t even remember those items after a few days.

2. Compartmentalize

You can cleverly use silverware holders to compartmentalize your beauty supplies. Make up brushes can sit in the knife section while eye shadows fit perfectly in the spoons slot. Put your bobby pins in a tic-tac container to keep them from scattering across the house.

3. Shelves

Trust me, I’ve lived in an apartment with a tiny bathroom with no counter space or storage. My stuff sat in a huge plastic bin next to the toilet for the year we lived there. Don’t think you need to get industrial strong shelving to do the trick. You can put up some bathroom shelves, which will definitely give you the storage you need.

4. Exposed Storage

If you don’t mind the hair salon look, you can display your beauty products on your walls. It looks clean and organized, and you can access them in a jiff!

Well, you know what I’ll be doing tonight, and as a result, I’ll have one happy husband and one gorgeous bathroom!

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post by Garage Envy.

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