Tips for Organizing Your Closet

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Organizing Your Closet
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Spring has arrived, which means it’s time to clean out my closet. How do I know this? Things that I haven’t worn all year are crumpled up in the back of a shelf and clothes that I think I’ll wear are accumulating dust. And like me, I’m sure a lot of you have the same problem. Here are some ideas to help you get that closet organized!


Okay, first things first. You have got to go through the closet and get rid of what you don’t need. This can be the most time consuming and difficult step. I look at things in my closet and think, “Yeah, I’ll definitely wear it…after I lose those 5 pounds.” Or, “No way am I getting rid of it. It cost me $100!” Let’s address the weight issue. Some see it as motivation to lose weight. That’s awesome! But limit those items to a couple; otherwise, they will continue to accumulate and take up precious space. Now I’ll address the expense issue. Sell it! Craigslist or eBay are awesome ways to get some cash for things that you don’t use. If it’s really that nice of an item, people will gladly take it off your hands for a discounted price.


Let’s think about how we hang clothing. We have all seen those color coordinated closets that look immaculate. So why not give it a go? I like to do a rainbow spectrum, ya know, ROYGBIV it up. I put the whites and pinks in front and then the blacks in back. I’ve also heard a strategy where you place all your hangers on backwards, and when you wear the item, you hang it back normally. By the end of the year, if the hanger remains unturned, it’s time to get rid of that item. Another thing to consider is the season. Winter’s done friends! I like to wash then fold those bulky sweaters that I won’t wear until late autumn. I have a shelf that runs across the top where I stack them. Or you can put them in a plastic bin, which leads us perfectly to the next section.


Okay, so it’s not exactly equipment, but shelving really is vital for a closet. If you don’t have a built in shelf, then consider a plastic drawer organizer. It’s perfect for your underwear, tee shirts, socks, and bathing suits. I also use these shoe organizers that I stash in my closet for easy access. I don’t have smaller shelves in there, so I have to make do with these kinds of tools. Going back to those seasonal items, place them in bins or boxes. This will keep them out of the way until you’re ready to use them again.

Have you ever been frustrated with not being able to see your stuff? Say you don’t want to wake your spouse or just need better lighting in the closet? Well, I explored the options and came across these options for battery closet lighting. Just attach them to the wall and touch to turn on. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to bring light to the closet without worrying about wiring and outlets.

I hope these ideas help you with your spring closet cleaning this week! Make sure to keep your closet organized, because that will make next spring much easier to tackle!

This post was written by Madison, on behalf of Garage Envy, a garage storage and organization company in St. Louis. Next week, look forward to her final post of the series on how stay organized while traveling.

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