Tips to Pack Light

April 17, 2014 Leave a comment
This is the final post in a limited series by Madison Aki on getting organized. Hope you enjoyed it! 

My husband does summer sales and the fact that I have to pack up my life for four months in a suitcase might make me a kind of expert. Okay, not really, but I have learned a few tips that might make packing easier for you.

Roll Your ClothesI am sure you have seen it all before, but the difference between folding and rolling is astounding. You can fit so much more in your suitcase if you roll up your clothes and stack them like a pyramid.


If you can fit all of your clothes into a carry-on, you will end up saving $35 bucks from not having to check a bag. If you really need to, you can buy your liquids once you have reached your destination, but travel size is easy to do. Make sure it’s all in a clear plastic bag together so you can quickly pull it out and send it through security.

Mix & Match 

Choose clothing items that you can wear more than once. I will usually pack two pairs of jeans (dark and colored) and then a few tops that can go with either pair. Limit your shoes to one flat, one pump and workout shoes, and wear one of those while traveling.

Don’t Over Do It 

Let’s face it. Women sometimes are known to over pack. There’s always that chance that you will need it, right? Wrong! If you really need something that bad that you forgot, like deodorant or a toothbrush, you can go to the drugstore and get it. It’s better to pack light than to lug around way too much and not need half of it. Be very picky with what you take and you’ll be golden!

Clean It Up

Whenever I come home from a trip, my suitcase tends to hang out on the floor for days…okay weeks. After you wipe it clean, (you would be surprised what kind of crumbs and grains of sand can get in there), store it on a high shelf in your closet or under your bed…or in your garage, or wherever you keep it. Just make sure you put it away as soon as you do your laundry.

I hope your summer is full of fun vacations and traveling! And I hope even more that these travel tips will help you pack light and have a great time.

This post was written by Madison on behalf of Garage Envy, a garage organization and storage company in St. Louis.

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