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Vanity Fair BraRecently I was approached by Vanity Fair to review a bra from its new spring line. I chose the Beautiful Embrace underwire bra for its elegant floral detailing on the sides. Normally I wear wireless bras because I don’t like the feeling of the wire digging into my body. What I did not realize I was missing out on was the extra support, especially on the sides. With a bit of strap adjustment, the Beautiful Embrace bra fit perfectly and provided the right amount of lift I needed for a formal dress.

My only concern is that Vanity Fair does not provide sizing for those who need a 32 band size. But if you are looking for full figure coverage, Vanity Fair bras are pretty, comfortable and offer great support not only from the bottom, but the sides too.

I also learned a bit about the company, which has been around since 1919. Just check out some of these fabulous vintage ads for lingerie from Vanity Fair. I love admiring how fashions have changed throughout the decades, and you can get a good idea about lingerie trends here.

Vanity Fair Lingerie
Vanity Fair ads (1920s)

Vanity Fair celebrates women of sophistication, passion and confidence. The company offers classic, comfortable undergarments to complete your look. Its designs help to empower women with the “support” they need.

Vanity Fair Lingerie
Vanity Fair ads (left: 1930s, right: 1940s)

Did you know it was the first lingerie brand to introduce animal prints? Katy Perry can thank Vanity Fair for inspiring those leopard print bustiers she’s sporting in Roar!

Vanity Fair Lingerie
Vanity Fair ads (left: 1950s, right: 1960s)

Do you own a Vanity Fair bra? What do you think of its comfort and fit?

Disclosure: I was provided the Beautiful Embrace bra by Vanity Fair for review.

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