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Even though your closet is overstuffed, do you feel like you have nothing to wear because it is filled with trendy items rather than staples? It may be because you don’t love every item you own. If you did, you would be more likely to wear each item more often, remixing them as you go, without caring if you have already worn it.

That’s where Cuyana comes in. Cuyana means to love in Quechua (a South American language). Cuyana’s team focuses on simple, elegant design their customers will adore. They look for classic shapes and colors to create pieces that outlast seasonal trends.

Each collection is made from high-end fabrics and all construction happens in one country at a time. By following a consolidated supply chain, Cuyana is able to sell such top quality fabrics at a more affordable price point. Plus each piece tells the story of the local culture from the country it was manufactured in. So far they have designed collections from destinations like Scotland, India, Turkey and Japan.

Founders Kara Gallardo and Shilpa Shah wanted to create a fashion experience that was more fulfilling than the typical fast fashion lifestyle many are now accustomed with. By thinking more about selecting your pieces, how you will wear them and where they come from, you can get into the habit of intentional buying. Cuyana’s guiding principle: “We believe we can function with fewer things if they are better made.” It’s about quality over quantity.

They even created a movement for this — the Lean Closet Movement. Yup, they mean business. Cuyana challenges you to collect fewer things of higher quality. Then donate the unnecessary pieces in your wardrobe so they are no longer crowding your space. When you purchase an item from Cuyana, select “lean shipping” at checkout. They will send you a reusable bag to fill with unwanted items. Mail the bag back to them and they will donate the items for you. With each donation you make, you receive a $10 credit towards your next Cuyana purchase. Sounds like a win-win!

The current Spring 2014 collection features items from all the countries they have already sourced from in the past nine collections. Shop the line here.

What do you think about Cuyana? Are you ready to clean out your closet and live with a paired down wardrobe?

All images courtesy of Cuyana.

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