Lulu & Georgia

May 30, 2014 Leave a comment

Sara Sugarman, founder of Lulu & Georgia, can see her roots in interior design spread all the way back to 1955. When she returned to LA to work for her long-running family business, she realized the need for more affordable design options. Having worked with high-end custom rugs, she realized there was a market for similar products made at a more accessible price point.

Thus began her online shop Lulu & Georgia, named after Sara’s Grandfather Lou and father George. Find pieces for the modern woman capable of living life to the fullest while maintaining a beautiful lifestyle. Lulu & Georgia offers a wide range of products including rugs, pillows, artwork and other chic home décor accessories.

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Have you shopped Lulu & Georgia? What’s your favorite piece?
All images courtesy of Lulu & Georgia.

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