Tap That App: Best New Apps

May 23, 2014 Leave a comment
Here are a few of the best new apps in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, which make life a bit easier and the things you want more accessible.


ASAP54: Find the object of your desire through two foolproof ways – asking their social fashion community, OR use their visual recognition technology. Yup! You can take a picture of a stranger on the street carrying a bag that made you do a double take, upload it to the site and find out what the brand is and how to buy it. If the search is inconclusive, you can ask a panel of expert stylists for suggestions.  Why I love it: For that fleeting moment when you see something you have to have, but can’t find it for the life of you – now you know you have another option. Shopaholics beware! This could put you over the edge.

Hukkster: Hukkster lets you know when the item you want goes on sale. No more stalking the website or checking the sale section to see if you can finally afford that piece you’ve been eyeing. You can get sale alerts in your inbox including coupon codes. Save your favorite products from different stores so you can keep track of them.  Why I love it: Easily one of my fave best new apps, Hukkster is a great way to curb impulse shopping and buyer’s remorse. You can also comparison shop and  save yourself a ton of cash (for more shopping later of course!).

Thirdlove: Calculate your bra size with your iPhone. I know! I know! How can this be anymore accurate than the pushy salesperson at Victoria’s Secret? To use it, stand in front of your mirror to take a few images of yourself in a tight tank and well fitting bra. Once its “virtual measuring tape” determines your size, you can select from their line of lingerie (with the option of burning your previous ill-fitting bras later).  Why I love it: With a broad range of sizes (A-E & 28-28), there is a huge chance you will find your match. Plus the clever app is private and embarrassment free.

Whisp: Available only on the iPad, this app is a messaging tool for fashion lovers. Share what you’re thinking about buying with friends & family to get their opinions if it’s hot or not. You can connect with other friends directly on Whisp or send them a private message on Facebook. They have millions of products to choose from and cool fashion emojis to accentuate your personality. Why I love it: You don’t have to share a bunch of long ugly links – just drag and drop the items you need an opinion on in a message so it’s easy for both parties.


Beautylish: Need your own makeup tutor? Have specific questions about how to achieve a certain look or what products to buy? Get this app to be your personal beauty guide. They are step-by-step video tutorials. You can ask makeup artists your burning beauty questions. Use their photos to show your own makeup/hair stylists the look you want to achieve. Read their daily feed for the latest tips and trends in beauty to stay current. Why I love it: Sometimes I feel like I just don’t have the time to incorporate new makeup/hair styles into my repertoire. But with this app, everything is at my fingertips.


Early Edition: Have trouble waking up in the morning? Do you hit your snooze button several times and wonder if you will every wake up with time to spare? This app tells you to wake up and encourages you to wake up and enjoy the lovely day. It tells you about the weather, why you should get up, what the latest news is and more to prepare you for your day. Why I love it: Rather than an obnoxious beep beep beep, you hear the calm voice (you can personalize your settings) of a person telling you to wake up. This helps you start your morning in a relaxing setting with purpose for the day ahead.

Have you tried any of these apps and want to share? What best new apps have you heard of?

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