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July 15, 2014 3 comments
Shopping for Sunglasses | Bangles & Bungalows
Shopping for Sunglasses | Bangles & Bungalows
Sunglasses are often an overlooked accessory. People buy one pair and stick to them for a long time. Perhaps it is because you have invested in an expensive designer pair. Or maybe you would rather spend your money on another part of your wardrobe. But sunglasses do not have to be a one-time purchase. You can find plenty of affordable pairs, each with a unique look of their own. Forever 21, Nasty Gal, Nordstrom BP and ASOS are all great stops for budget shades. Go nuts and buy one pair for every day of the week!
My key requirement is finding a pair that fits the small frame of my face. That means the oversized frames are usually not an option for me. Thankfully, the rounder frames are pretty popular right now. And they are no longer super 90’s in style. Many are glamorous, futuristic or a bit tropical. And aviators look good on just about everyone. 
Here is a mix of sunnies for all of your hot summer needs. I am thinking about trying something outside the box just for fun. What’s your favorite pair?
Shopping for Sunglasses | Bangles & Bungalows


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