Palm Cuffs

January 27, 2015 Leave a comment

Okay I admit I was hesitant at first to experiment with the midi ring trend because it seemed a bit ridiculous, as if the ring could fall off at any second. Then I saw how cute they looked stacked on multiple fingers, caved and bought a few lovely little rings. I thought, “What will they come up with next? There’s no more ground left to cover on the hand, right?”

So naïve. In 2014, a new type of accessory hit the red carpet on early adopters like Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lawrence: the palm cuff. It’s placed midway on the hand, almost like a bangle that gets stuck while trying to pull it on. But actually it looks much more demure than that. Designs are anywhere from cutting edge with spikes and mixed media to elegant and glamorous with small pearls and crystals.

palm cuffs

Palm cuffs have also been described as easy to wear and comfortable. And rest assured they won’t just fall off. The trend is still slowly picking up with independent designers like Outhouse, Fallon, Rue Gembon and Suhani Pittie leading the charge. The jury is still out on how to style them. While more adventurous types won’t hesitate to bling out their hands, others say let the palm cuff stand on its own so people will take notice.

We’ll see in the next year whether this new accessory catches on as quickly as the midi ring. In the meantime, who’s taking bets on which new body part will be adorned next? Will it be the foot sole cuff? Or the calf cuff? Or perhaps the bridge of the nose cuff? Hey, don’t rule them out!

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