Les Indiennes Screen Printed Wallpaper

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Les Indiennes Wallpaper

Many businesses begin with an unmet need. A search for a product/service with unique specifications is left incomplete. That’s how Les Indiennes came to be in 2002. Mary Mulcahy was on the hunt for environmentally friendly, naturally dyed cotton. She wanted the fabric to have single large colored motifs, but could not find what she was looking for here in the U.S. So she decided to create her own line of block print fabrics and screen printed wallpaper with craftsmen from southern India.

Les Indiennes Wallpaper

Aside from Les Indiennes fabrics, I was taken with its coordinating line of screen printed wallpaper. The company’s reliance on a single large motif works well in a wallpaper, with each design striking in its simplicity. It would be easy to tie various rooms together in your house with Les Indiennes wallpaper in one room and bedding in another. Or you could add wallpaper to your living room and a coordinating block print throw and/or pillows on a neutral sofa. Table linens could be matched with curtains in the dining room. There is a whole slew of coordinating possibilities.

Les Indiennes wallpapers are hand screen printed. Therefore each roll may reveal subtle color and pattern variations, an indication of the unique handmade designs. There is a 5 roll minimum with each roll sold at $105. A bit expensive, but the company is built on certain values that are hard to put a price on.

Les Indiennes Wallpaper

The company does not use electricity, cause pollution or disrupt the traditional lifestyle in the small southern village where it operates. Over 50 families are provided fair trade employment, raising the standard of living in the area. And no environmental or social footprint is left behind. Les Indiennes also uses natural dyes and pure, organic cotton to make its block print fabrics.

See the whole collection and shop at www.lesindiennes.com online.

All images courtesy of Les Indiennes.

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