How to Reduce Puffy Eyes

March 20, 2015 3 comments

Clinique All About Eyes

Waking up in the morning is rough. That tired, achy feeling in your eyes lingers long after you get up. It pops up constantly throughout the day, having you long for your bed when you can least afford it. In fact, my eyes are feeling quite tired and puffy as I write this (I’m currently in a post-lunch food coma). That’s when I whip out my secret weapon to reduce puffy eyes – Clinique All About Eyes Serum.

This nifty little bottle has the power to instantly massage away stressed eyes. It visibly reduces the bags under your eyes, making you feel more relaxed and less tired. I especially like to use it first thing in the morning. Some people splash cold water on their face. I use the rollerball to immediately perk up and get my day started. The metal tip makes the application cool to the touch on my eyes. The serum contains caffeine and antioxidants, invigorating ingredients that wake skin up instantly.

Clinique All About Eyes also claims to brighten the eye area as well as reduce dark circles and fine lines. I primarily use it as a wake up aid. But other results vary from person to person. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, it may dry out the area around your eyes. I would recommend applying a facial oil or highly moisturizing eye cream to counter any dry skin.

Got any secret tools that help reduce puffy eyes? I’d love to know!

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