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Beauty Apps

Tap into the coolest beauty apps that effectively help you with health goals and keep you looking your best. Discover why I love these apps and choose the ones that are right for you!

GoodGuide Beauty App

GoodGuide: Wonder if a product you’re thinking about purchasing is actually environmentally safe, healthy or socially responsible? The GoodGuide app rates over 210,000 products and companies on these points. Just scan the barcode to get the rating. Why I love it: The app helps you shop based on your values and offers you alternatives to products that don’t meet your needs.

Klara Beauty App

Klara: Have a skincare problem that worries you, but you just can’t wait for your next dermatologist appointment? Klara brings the dermatologist to you. Share your skin problems with board-certified dermatologists and receive a diagnosis within 48 hours. Why I love it: Diagnose skin problems sooner for better peace of mind. (You still have to visit your doctor for actual treatment.)

iDrated Beauty App

iDrated: Are you guilty of not drinking the recommended amount of water daily? iDrated helps you keep track of your water intake. It tells you how much water you should be drinking based on age and weight. Why I love it: It’s a simple way to help you meet your target water goal.

Mirror Beauty App

Mirror: Turn your front-facing camera into a mirror. Special lighting and zoom turns your phone into a mirror that can also be used in darker spaces. Why I love it: It saves space in your clutch for other important items. And it provides better lighting than just using your camera phone.

Nevus Beauty App

Nevus: Protect your skin with the Nevus app. There is a GPS-located UV index, which reminds you how often to apply sunscreen. The app also explains how much sunscreen should be applied to each body area. Keep a photo record of any questionable spots on your body. Why I love it: Sunscreen is one of the most overlooked aspects of one’s health. This app reminds you to take care of your skin and exactly how, so you don’t have to think twice about it.

How to Do Your Own Cute Nails App

How to Do Your Own Cute Nails: Sometimes finding a great nail artist at your local salon is easier said than done. So why not just try the nail art yourself? This app shares amazing nail art videos for inspiration and general nail care. Why I love it: It’s just fun to see all the crazy cool nail art that’s out there.

Have any great beauty app recommendations? I’d love to hear them!

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