The Secrets to E-tailer Success with Bazzzar

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The Indian e-tailing industry is booming right now and with that comes an eager new venture, Bazzzar currently showcases a handful of talented young Indian designers in fashion and décor. Predicated on exceptional customer service, fast delivery times and commerce with a purpose, Bazzzar hopes to win hearts to become India’s most loved e-tailer. Discover how Bazzzar delivers on ambitious customer promises while reaching its goals as a young startup in a highly competitive industry.

The Secrets to E-tailer Success with Bazzzar

Tell me about your team and what drew three men to launch an Indian women’s clothing e-commerce boutique.

We have more than two decades of experience between us in e-tailing. During our years working for others, we always felt incomplete. We wished to fill the gaps we saw in the booming e-commerce industry. There was much introspection on what we could do differently, which gave birth to the idea of “Taking India to the World”. The first step toward this goal was

Even though we are a team of men, we chose women’s clothing because we have extensive experience working with India’s leading online fashion and lifestyle players. Therefore, we know what women want with respect to fashion. (As an update, a dear friend of ours recently joined our team and “The Three Musketeers” have now become four.)

The Secrets to E-tailer Success with Bazzzar 

How do you maintain such fast delivery times when your clothing is custom tailored and shipped globally?

That is where our past experiences have helped us. The drive to convert challenges into opportunities led us to discover and refine concepts most new businesses tend to overlook. By redefining our processes, we created a value proposition that distinguishes us from the competition.

We worked tirelessly with our logistics partners to extensively analyze our processes from the ground up. We optimized everything such as product acquisition, tailoring, packaging and preparing the shipment to reduce turnaround time. This benefit was eventually passed on to the end consumer.

The Secrets to E-tailer Success with Bazzzar

Some say the key to starting a new business is to start small. Since Bazzzar’s launch last summer, how have you managed to start small and grow your business at a sustainable pace?

We are still a growing company at an adolescent stage. This has both its pros and cons…On the plus side, we have the leverage to try, which allows us to build fast and fail fast. This enables us to collect a lot of data around user behavior, market trends and competition reaction. We use this information to continuously improve our processes and customer service. On the flip side, as an early stage startup we are under continuous pressure to grow bigger. The challenge to offer more to the customer is always looming. Overall, we excel at sticking to our core values. This proves to be the guiding light in our journey from where we started roughly 6-7 months ago.

The Secrets to E-tailer Success with Bazzzar

Before you began, which key hurdles did you have to overcome personally or professionally?

Initially, the biggest hurdle that a new startup may face is to identify the starting point. At the beginning, you tend to focus on a lot of things. It’s only natural as you are brimming with energy and confidence to do well and taste success. The journey from an idea to action is the hardest thing. Everything else like jobs and money are secondary since we believe in our path to success. And we are committed to delighting every customer of ours. Every happy customer makes all the effort worth it.

The Secrets to E-tailer Success with Bazzzar

How did you begin your partnership with Monikaa’s Aura and other designers? Which new designers might customers look forward to in the near future?

The one thing we ensure before we try to form a partnership with a vendor or a designer is the belief in each other. We have to be absolutely sure that a partnership with a designer is something that fulfills a customer need and that we won’t have to compromise on any promises to the customer.

A core focus area is to provide a platform to rising designers. These designers can offer a fresh perspective to a larger audience, which would not have been possible otherwise. While we love to support new talent, we would also like to partner with more established designers. In fact, very soon you may be able to buy a custom-stitched formal lehenga by a famous designer.

The Secrets to E-tailer Success with Bazzzar

I noticed another leading e-commerce site carries Monikaa’s Aura, but sells the line at a higher price with slower delivery times. How are you able to beat them on these points?

This goes back to the values on which we form a designer partnership. Our mutual interests of success and customer satisfaction help us take on our competitors. Also, extensive research and work goes into optimizing the processes, even for the designer. Bazzzar is not only opening newer avenues for the designers, but also changing the traditional way a designer would work day-to-day.

The Secrets to E-tailer Success with Bazzzar

Bazzzar offers incredible customer service. Why is it so integral to your mission?

Just think about why you love certain brands ­– it’s not for the products they sell, but because of the way they make you feel. This principle guides us to give each customer a special experience.

In fact, people, passion and purpose are the pillars of our mission. The way customers, designers, vendor partners, critics and the industry perceive Bazzzar is integral to who we are. Passion is our reason for existence. We want to be a platform for people to express themselves. Giving back to our community is important in defining our character and purpose. A portion of earnings from Bazzzar goes towards improving the infrastructure and education of a school for underprivileged girls. Following these principles and our core values makes it possible to provide each customer an exceptional experience.

The Secrets to E-tailer Success with Bazzzar

Where do you see Bazzzar in 5 years? If you had year one to do over, what would you change?

We want to be the most loved company selling Indian fashion, lifestyle and handicrafts.

If we had the opportunity to do things differently, we probably wouldn’t change a thing. The experience and knowledge we have collected over the past year would never have been possible without taking the plunge to do what we believed in. We hope what we achieved in the last year is a stepping-stone toward making us the most loved company.

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All images courtesy of Bazzzar.

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