Kaleidoscope by Ram Shergill

July 23, 2015 8 comments
Floating in Couture © Sebastian Cortés / courtesy Tasveer

Floating in Couture © Sebastian Cortés / courtesy Tasveer

I am always in awe of the magic created by fashion photographers. They weave a picturesque tale of high drama fused with fashion and art, drawing the viewer into the folds of the pages. British fashion photographer Ram Shergill is one such artist who has mastered the craft behind the lens. In the past year, his work has been displayed at various galleries across India in an exhibit entitled Kaleidoscope, presented by Tasveer and Vacheron Constantin.

Gateway to Heaven, Rajasthan © Ram Shergill / courtesy Tasveer

Gateway to Heaven, Rajasthan © Ram Shergill / courtesy Tasveer

About Ram Shergill

Ram Shergill is known for his power to lure the viewer into another world as described by Prasad Bidapa: “at once beautiful and dreamlike; disturbing and neurotic with a compelling power to seduce and ravish the viewer, forever altering their preconceived notions of beauty and style.”

Mirror Me, Gardens of Kent © Ram Shergill / courtesy Tasveer

Mirror Me, Gardens of Kent © Ram Shergill / courtesy Tasveer

Shergill’s career took off after famed milliner Phillip Treacy recognized his work. He began working for top publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and W Magazine shooting glamorous stars like Amy Winehouse, Eddie Redmayne, Katrina Kaif and Amitabh Bachchan. He is known for his technical prowess as well as his ability to turn his photographs into a theatrical performance. Each subject takes on a dramatic character that brings life to his portraits. Eventually, his work led him to launch Drama Magazine in 2008, capturing photography as fashion and performance, similar to his own editorial style.

Queen of the Jungle © Ram Shergill / courtesy Tasveer

Queen of the Jungle © Ram Shergill / courtesy Tasveer

About Kaleidoscope

For Shergill, the title Kaleidoscope embodies the beauty and vibrancy of India. He worked with top Indian designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla to bring their opulent fashion to life. The extravagant designs were often contrasted against unusual backdrops, raising the drama to a whole new level.

SuperNOVA, Rajasthan © Ram Shergill / courtesy Tasveer

SuperNOVA, Rajasthan © Ram Shergill / courtesy Tasveer

About Tasveer

If you haven’t heard of Tasveer, it is the first pan-Indian gallery focused solely on photography. Based out of Bangalore, Tasveer showcases photographers who have made an impact on South Asian photography through the years. See more educational and awe-inspiring exhibits at http://www.tasveerarts.com.

Rainbow Nation, Harper’s and Queen © Ram Shergill / courtesy Tasveer

Rainbow Nation, Harper’s and Queen © Ram Shergill / courtesy Tasveer

Ram Shergill – Kaleidoscope is organised by Tasveer and forms part of the gallery’s 9th season of exhibitions, in partnership with Vacheron Constantin.

All images credits © Ram Shergill, Courtesy of the Tasveer Gallery, StoryLtd and www.ramshergill.com.

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