Chasing Paper: For the Decorator Who’s Never Done

September 24, 2015 27 comments

Chasing Paper Palm Trees

If you’re a serial mover and décor enthusiast like me, you appreciate the versatility of removable wallpaper. It gives those of us who love to redecorate more options. I’ve shared some of my favorite wallpaper companies in the past like Swag Paper (temporary wallpaper) and Flat Vernacular (high end artistic wallpaper). But I think Chasing Paper is the best of both worlds in terms of removable wallpaper and variety of design. Get to know how the paper works, browse designs and learn founder Elizabeth Rees’s secrets to entrepreneurial success.Chasing Paper WallpaperAbout the Paper

  1. Chasing Paper uses low-tack adhesive and latex ink that are both non-toxic. If your application is crooked, you can easily re-stick it.
  1. Even though it’s removable, the rich texture of the paper gives it a traditional wallpaper feel. You can always order a sample size (9” x 12”) to test the material or use on a small side project. Regular size panels measure 2’ x 4’ for easy installation.
  1. Chasing Paper isn’t just for your walls. It is surprising how many ways it has been used creatively to reimagine drawers, bookshelves, coffee tables and even backsplashes. All you need is a clean, smooth surface and the paper can last for several years.

Chasing Paper DIY Projects

1 Nightstand Table Makeover by A Beautiful Mess // Lisa Congdon Chasing Paper Collection Chair Rail Application // Semihandmade IKEA Bathroom Cabinet Fronts // Chasing Paper Palm Trees Instant Art // 5 Lining Cubby Shelves by Sabrina Soto // 6 Chasing Paper Plus Sign Wall Stickers // 7 Britt & Co. Papers a Laptop

About Founder Elizabeth Rees

Elizabeth Rees has printing in her genes. As a third generation member of her family’s printing company, ink, paper and design are second nature to her. By following the call to entrepreneurial life, she leaves her own mark on the printing industry. Here are a few things to learn from her journey to success.

  1. Pull from your own experience. Rees moved multiple times over 10 years and realized there was a need for removable wallpaper. Based on her experience and those with similar needs that she spoke to, she created a product that was accessible and simple to use with design options for everyone.
  1. Trust your instincts. She always had an entrepreneurial spirit, which drove her to start her own business. But many people don’t actually follow through with their ideas and do it. To start her business, she had to believe in her product and what she wanted to do. And this belief helped her power through more challenging periods.
  1. Making your own success is the best reward. As an entrepreneur, she wakes up every day motivated to drive her business forward. She even looks forward to Mondays. When you run your own business, you are creating something for yourself. You take more pride in that than contributing to the bottom line of some big company. When customers send her pictures of their home decorated with her wallpaper, it makes her day. Knowing that something she conceived brings joy to others every day is a fulfilling prospect.

Have you tried Chasing Paper or other removable wallpaper brands? What did you think?

Visit Chasing Paper at and follow them on Instagram @chasingpapernyc for the latest project inspiration.

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