Outfit Inspiration: Comfy Thanksgiving Style

November 24, 2015 76 comments

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a chance to see family and friends from all over come back into town. Everyone from your childhood is together again in one place, which gives you an opportunity to catch up and reminisce over the best of times. It’s not a commercial holiday, but one that revolves around good food and giving thanks. Food and gratitude make the world go round. Speaking of food, I’ve put together this comfy Thanksgiving style outfit as a strategy to make the most of all that delicious food you’ll be eating.

Outfit Inspiration Thanksgiving

Eating is almost a sport on Thanksgiving. The food is so plentiful (all those side dishes!) that you have to make lots of room for everything, and then some. Gluttony is not a sin on this day. It’s part of the tradition. To prevent any button popping embarrassments, start with stretchy leggings with an elastic waist (none of the control top nonsense). You need your pants to expand with you. People will be too busy gushing about your amazing suede over the knee boots to bother seeing your belly pop out. And a mostly black ensemble is easily slimming. The “thankful” t-shirt is self-explanatory. Add a pop of color with a cozy red printed open cardigan, again nothing tight, and you’re good to go. What will you be wearing this Thanksgiving? Are you going casual or fancy?

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