Hand in Hand Soap

March 25, 2016 39 comments

Hand in Hand Soap

A few years ago I tried Hand in Hand Soap. It was part of a gift bag and the pretty packaging called out to me. I had used drugstore body soaps for years such as Caress or Dove bars. But I knew there was room for improvement. The first time I tried Hand in Hand soap I could feel the difference. The scented soap lathered richly, felt luxurious on my skin and smelled divine. Between showers, I could feel an extra layer of softness as if my skin was cocooned in milk. And I looked forward to my next shower simply for the experience of lathering up. I was smitten by my new soap.

Hand in Hand Soap

Why I love using Hand in Hand Soap:

  1. The business is based on sustainable giving. For every product purchased, Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap and gives a month of clean water to children in need. This bar literally has the power to save lives. If you’re interested in other soap companies that do this, check out my post on Sundara.
  2. As an environmentally responsible business, Hand in Hand makes its products with natural and fair trade resources, which are harvested ethically.
  3. Triple milled shea butter is used in the soap for extra smoothness.
  4. This product is made in America.
  5. The soap is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben & petrochemical-free and organic.

Here are some more options if you’re looking to shop handmade milled soaps:

Handmade milled soaps are not only great to pamper yourself, but also your friends. Think about giving the gift of soft, smooth skin by placing a new bar of this soap for your guests in their bathroom. Or offer it as a hostess gift at the next party you go to. Visiting friends out of town? Bring them a bar of beautifully packaged soap. They’re bound to get hooked too!

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