#NOFOMO Part 2: The Cover Up with Target Swim

March 10, 2016 45 comments

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Target Swim's #NOFOMO Challenge

Catching the spray of this lovely waterfall in Target Swim #NOFOMO

I often dream of a beach getaway, but rarely take the plunge to visit the tropical destinations I fantasize about. White sandy beaches, warm breezes and crystal blue waters dance around in my head. But what never crosses my mind in this fantasy is me…in a bathing suit…on the beach. Bathing suit shopping is usually the last thing that gets me excited about a beach vacation. Did you know one third of women would sacrifice a vacation to avoid being seen in a suit? I will do everything to cover up, even when I’m lying on the beach, until the absolute last minute when I want to get in the water. Part of it is the culture of modesty that I grew up with and part of it is age. With age I’ve found that there’s a whole lot more of me to love if you know what I mean. You could say I’ve become “well-rounded” haha. But when I first joined Target Swim’s #NOFOMO campaign last month I realized that size ain’t nothing but a number. It’s all about your attitude. If you’re confident in a suit you love, you have nothing to fear. So here I am, embracing my newfound swimsuit body confidence while taking on another Target Swim challenge.

The last time I visited the beach was on my trip to Martha’s Vineyard two summers ago. All of my girlfriends wore their cutest cover-ups over their bathing suits from dresses to kimonos. I, on the other hand, chose to wear a t-shirt, sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans – the less skin, the better. I also had a swim skirt to go under my bathing suit. So you could imagine I was pretty hot and uncomfortable. I didn’t think anyone needed to see my buck white legs and chubby arms.

Target Swim's #NOFOMO Challenge

The beautiful details from the back of the cover up #NOFOMO

Once I got comfortable on the beach, I was still pretty covered up with a towel wrapped around my legs. I envied the little kids running around and enjoying themselves in their teeny suits and my friends catching sun in their bikinis. It gave me a bit of encouragement to get in the water. Once I did, I emerged a bit more relaxed. I even let the towel go and laid on it (rather than under it). By the time we left the beach, I realized how much I was missing out by caring about what I looked like.

Target Swim's #NOFOMO Challenge

Looking forward to beach days ahead in my new, beach appropriate cover up #NOFOMO

This year I’m saying goodbye to the usual jeans and sweatshirt uniform. I’m going to hit the beach in my new cover-up, which I’m absolutely in love with. It’s lightweight, has a lovely floral pattern and still gives me plenty of coverage. On the way to the beach, I’ll feel fun, flirty and fearless whether I’m lounging seaside or grabbing a bite on the boardwalk. I’ll be confident that I’m part of the festivities, rather than an outsider looking in, without any fear of missing out.

Target Swim's #NOFOMO Challenge

Catch you later! I’m ready to dive right in the water. #NOFOMO

It’s never too late to embrace your body and one of the best places to overcome these fears is at the beach. Take the Target Swim challenge on your blog or social media. I’d love to know how you plan on kicking your fears to the curb. Don’t forget to tag #NOFOMO and #TargetStyle to help share your journey.

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