Brooklinen: Luxury Sheets for Less

April 7, 2016 24 comments


When decorating the perfect bedroom, most people immediately invest in a high quality mattress, a statement headboard and a few gorgeous throw pillows to make it all pop. One purchase that can make or break the final experience is the sheets. You may immediately think fine Egyptian cotton is an extravagant purchase. And it usually is. But Rich and Vicki Fulop set about to make a set of beautiful and ultra comfortable sheets more affordable. They created Brooklinen, which manufactures high quality bedding that is also cost-efficient. A set of fine-threaded Egyptian cotton sheets (1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet & 2 pillowcases) starts at $99.

The team at Brooklinen, which also includes co-founder Dave Fortune, found a gap in the market. When they couldn’t find the product they were looking for at the price point they were willing to pay, they created it themselves. This is often how many creative startups begin.


They have three points to their approach:

  1. Products have to be of high quality.
  2. They need to manufacture responsibly.
  3. Prices should be accessible.

To accomplish this, they learned everything about the business from the ground up including how bed sheets are made, supply chain management and quality control. By cutting out the middlemen and identifying unique opportunities within the manufacturing process, they were able to achieve their goals.


Their quality bedding has a minimalistic feel, which makes it incredibly versatile when mixing and matching with your own bedding. Styles range from solid white, grey or navy to classic prints like stripes and windowpane checks, which also come mixed and matched. Sheets are available in a percale or a sateen weave. Also sold are comforters, pillow inserts, blankets and more.

Have you tried Brooklinen or a similar company? I’d love to know what you think.

All images courtesy of Brooklinen.

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