Clementine’s Creamery St. Louis

May 5, 2016 26 comments

Have you hung out in St. Louis’s Lafayette Square during the daytime? It’s absolutely charming. One of my favorite neighborhood spots is Clementine’s Creamery, the city’s first micro creamery. Owner Tamara Keefe has perfected the art of handcrafted ice cream, using 100% natural ingredients, which make all the difference in flavor and feel.

Clementine's Creamery St. Louis

Jillian and I discussing the perfection of the confection I’m digging into at Clementine’s; Photo by Abigail Gillardi

You can tell it’s not your ordinary ice cream. Love and thought goes into every flavor and dessert. I visited Clementine’s a few days ago for a blogger ice cream happy hour hosted by Jillian of Stilettos on Sunday Morning.

Jillian Stilettos on Sunday Morning

Jillian of Stilettos on Sunday Morning; Photo by Abigail Gillardi

We had a special citrus inspired ice cream concoction awaiting us that Jillian and Tamara had brainstormed just for the occasion. It included chocolate covered pop rocks – yes pop rocks! Tamara wanted to capture the fizzy nature of champagne by including pop rocks and let me say, this treat engaged multiple senses. Everyone went bananas for it. Proceeds of this dessert during the month of May support Revive Thrift Shop, which helps locals break the cycle of poverty through opportunities toward employment. Sweet!

Clementine's Creamery St. Louis

The signature concoction featuring pop rocks and orange cake; Photo by Abigail Gillardi

About Clementine’s

Clementine's Creamery St. Louis

Yup! That’s me in the background having a moment with my orgasmic ice cream treat; Photo by Abigail Gillardi

Clementine’s Creamery isn’t your average ice cream shop. Within Keefe’s lovingly renovated shop, the ice cream options are enough to boggle the mind. No, it’s not 31 flavors. Think flavors within flavors. Keefe incorporates her favorite locally sourced ingredients, as well as some of the finest handpicked ones from around the world, to provide the most tantalizing tastes you can imagine. Think mint from the community garden, Woodside local honey, vanilla beans from Madagascar and scratch-made caramel. She’s also got savory flavors if that’s your jam and vegan options — the Coconut Chocolate Fudge may be the tastiest chocolate ice cream ever! And Keefe has a patent pending process to create her adult ice cream options for the 21 and over crowd. That’s for her to know, and you to never find out!

Clementine's Creamery St. Louis

Already thinking about seconds and eyeing that vegan coconut chocolate fudge; Photo by Abigail Gillardi

Can you believe she develops all her recipes from ice cream to hand dipped candy fixings to cakes and cookies in house? This is certainly one experience that your taste buds will remember.

And if you’re lucky, you will get to meet Tamara. She has been making ice cream since she was a child. But she didn’t actually start her ice cream shop until she relocated to St. Louis after many years as an executive in California. Tamara actually invested her life savings, including her retirement, to pursue her passion for ice cream. And that passion shows through her dedication to the craft. She’s also quite friendly and open to answering questions, numerous, numerous questions from one particular blogger who has a slight food obsession. Stop by and say hello! And discover your new favorite ice cream flavor.

Thanks to Jillian and Tamara for a wonderful ice cream experience and Abigail Gillardi for the photos.

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