Summer Target Style with Just 5 More Minutes

May 18, 2016 19 comments

(This post is sponsored by Target.) So much to do, so little time, right? When I think about my everyday style, I strive for it to be effortless. That is why I have partnered with Target Style to create three easy, breezy summer looks. Spend minimal time primping, and still appear every bit the fashionista that you are.

Summer Target Style

Most mornings, I’m tempted to reach for what’s easiest to assemble, especially if I have a tight schedule ahead. Does that mean my style has to suffer? I sure hope not. If you take just five extra minutes to plan what you wear the day before, you might be surprised with what you can come up with. By mixing and matching these simple, classic pieces from Target Style, it’s easy to create a few chic summer looks in no time.

Tip #1: Beat the Heat at Your Summer Picnic

One of my favorite activities in the summertime is dining outside, whether that’s on the patio of a restaurant or at a park with a delicious picnic meal. But who knows when that humidity is going to get you or when the sun takes cover and it turns into a chilly day? In those cases, it’s important to think ahead and wear layers; but summer layers should be light. I like to wear a denim jacket over a maxi dress so I have the option to cover up when I want to.

And if you are thinking about packing a meal, picnic baskets can be pricey. Try packing your blanket, dinnerware, and meal in one of these sturdy straw totes from Target for only $35. You’ll be surprised by how much you can fit in it! Its natural straw color will go with almost any look. Plus, even though the tote is large, it doesn’t overwhelm my petite frame.

Summer Target Style

Tip #2: From Beachside to Shopside in a Lightweight Maxi Dress

If I’m on vacation, I like my style to be flexible. You never know what the day will call for. It might start out at the beach, but you may have an urge to hit the shops or a café you saw along the way. A sarong or a mesh cover-up may not be appropriate at certain establishments. Instead, try a lightweight maxi dress like this chestnut one by Who What Wear for Target. The dress can carry you from day to night. You don’t have to worry about heading back to the hotel to change for dinner if you want to visit a classy restaurant. Throw the dress over your bathing suit before the beach, and change into underwear afterwards to carry out the day’s activities.

Don’t forget your summer accessories like this oversized floppy hat, perfect for lounging at the beach — or try napping underneath it! A long, gold tassel necklace will elevate your look and is versatile enough that you’ll want to wear it with everything. Finish off your chic beach style with these comfortable gilded Mossimo sandals, a steal at only $20. I love to brag about the shoes I get at Target because I always feel like I get such a great deal, don’t you?

Target Style Gladiator Sandals

Tip #3: Men Appreciate Simple, Sexy Style on Date Night

Most guys can’t tell you what the latest trends are, the difference between cold-shoulder and off-the-shoulder tops, or the guidance these days on white after Labor Day. Men shy away from over-the-top looks, heavy sequins, or loud prints. It’s the simple, sexy date-night look that often makes a bigger statement. When you can wow with an understated outfit, you are appreciated for your elegance. That’s why I love this black shoulder-baring dress by Who What Wear for Target. And if you are on vacation, it’s simple to swap the chestnut-colored dress above with this black one for a brand-new look with the same accessories.

Target Style Summer Date Night Inspiration

Of course, I completely support dressing for one’s own pleasure, and I never shy away from mixing prints. But I do enjoy taking it down a notch every once in a while. Nothing says classy like an LBD, right?

Bonus Beauty Tip: How to Reapply Sunscreen Without Ruining Your Makeup

Most sunscreens suggest reapplying every few hours. But if you flawlessly apply your makeup at the start of the day, you cannot just reapply sunscreen on top after three hours. It’s a pain to remove your makeup just to reapply your sunscreen and makeup again. That’s why I adore Laneige BB Cushion makeup available at Target. SPF 50+ is built into the compact. It’s simple to apply and touch up when you need to. The coverage is amazingly smooth and lighter than most foundations and tinted moisturizers. It almost feels weightless. Learn more about cushion makeup here.

And if you’re obsessed with the strobe makeup trend but want to get the look in seconds, try NYX Born to Glow Illuminator. Just swipe this highlighting cream on your cheekbones, down the middle of your nose, and around the corners of your mouth. It will instantly liven up your face after a long day so you are ready for the evening’s festivities!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to elevate your look with Target Style and just a few minutes to plan ahead. Remember, keep it simple to look chic in minutes!

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