Camera Ready Cosmetics

June 3, 2016 21 comments

Some of you have asked how I get my makeup to look so great in pictures. Recently I started using color correcting makeup. Sure it seems like a few extra steps. But this entire routine takes me about five minutes, which is way less time than it takes to do my eye makeup. Hello cat eye troubles! With these camera ready cosmetics, I’ve found a way to easily blend my makeup, minimize redness and reduce the appearance of dark circles for a seemingly flawless finish.

If you want a more comprehensive tutorial on how to color correct redness like blemishes and diminish dark circles, watch this video by Heidi Hamoud. I am dying to try the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder she uses to finish her under eyes — anything to make those dark circles look brighter. Otherwise people like to ask if I’m tired, you know what I mean?

Shop all these products by clicking on their images above in the collage.

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