7 Things to Know About Hair Extensions

July 26, 2016 31 comments

Have you ever wanted to try hair extensions, but have no idea what to expect? I tried fusion hair extensions at Christina White Salon in St. Louis and am here to share what I’ve learned. My hair is already pretty long, but I lacked the fullness that I desired. Fuller hair to me means greater styling options, heavier braids and more voluminous curls. But most of all, it means having va va voom hair that always looks amazing.

I had already learned quite a bit about hair extensions from Chrissy here when I wrote about how she expertly applied hair extensions on a friend. But this time around, I wanted to try them for myself to get a stronger sense of what extensions are like. I went for volume over length. Chrissy added 80 wefts of 22-in hair extensions, which she ultimately trimmed to match my existing length. As you can see in the before and after picture below, my hair is much fuller and, in my opinion, appears healthier.

Hair Extensions Before & After

Hair Extensions Before & After c/o Christina White Salon

7 Things to Know About Hair Extensions

  1. To apply fusion hair extensions, it can take about two to three hours.
  2. You can dry your hair much more quickly with extensions. The ones I chose are conditioned to stay straight. By blending in with the straight extensions, my natural hair seems to dry straight more quickly. The appearance of frizz is also reduced.
  3. You don’t have to wash your hair as frequently because your hair doesn’t get greasy as quickly.
  4. Use a wet brush or a brush without balls at the end of its bristles. It will help detangle your hair after you shower and keeps your hair smooth when styling it dry.
  5. Want to highlight your hair without using any harsh chemicals? You can easily blend in extensions a few shades lighter than your natural hair to provide dimension to your natural color. Chrissy mostly used pieces that matched my current color, but added a few lighter pieces to provide extra depth to my color.
  6. For the first two days or so, you may experience tightness or soreness around your scalp from the extensions. You may also feel the bonds against your head while sleeping. Both these feelings will subside within a few days.
  7. You can feel the extensions if you run your fingers under your hair. It may feel unnatural at first, but you get used to it. Think of it like when you first wear your wedding ring. You play with it for a little while and then you get used to it.

How to Apply Hair Extensions

If you want to know how Chrissy went about applying the hair extensions, here’s a quick how-to guide:

How to Apply Hair Extensions

Contact Christina White Salon

If you’d like to try hair extensions, visit the Christina White Salon for a free consultation at http://www.christinawhitesalon.com. Or call 314-380-4508. And check out her Instagram @christinawhitesalon for more before and after pictures.

Looking for more temporary hair extension solutions? The salon offers tape in, micro link and clip in extensions. The salon also provides keratin treatments (read more here), hair color & highlights, event hair & make-up, haircuts and more. *Don’t forget to mention my blog for 10% off any service.

Have you tried hair extensions? I’d love to know about your experience.

Disclosure: I was provided hair extensions c/o Christina White Salon. All opinions are my own.

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