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Have you been to the Plaza in Kansas City? While it’s full of popular brand names, there are a few local gems you can’t miss. I stumbled across SKIN KC, a Kansas City-based natural skincare company while exploring the area with fellow blogger Diana of Mother Soul. Created by Stephanie Simkins, SKIN uses only high quality ingredients that nourish the body, mind and soul, but are free from harmful chemicals. SKIN is also environmentally conscious when it comes to the safety of its ingredients, its suppliers and packaging. If you’re an organic beauty enthusiast, you’ll want to read more. ***Plus enter to win a free full size version of her best selling Daily Greens Nourishing and Hydrating Repair Cream for Face and Neck.

UPDATE: Giveaway winners announced! See Giveaway section.

Skin KC

Diana and I were lucky enough to walk in when Stephanie was there. As a professional herbalist (she formulates her products by hand!), Stephanie sold us on why knowing what’s in your beauty products is so important for the long-term health of your skin and body. Her wise words definitely made me pause when thinking about just what exactly I put on my skin every day. There are so many chemicals on the back of beauty products that I have no clue about or can even pronounce! But I take it for granted because if it’s sold in stores, it must be safe, right? Stephanie urges you to take a closer look and really think about it. Below she shares some of her thoughts on the beauty industry, why citrus oils are better and common household items that are great for personal skincare.

Getting to Know Stephanie & SKIN

Why did you start SKIN?

While I was working as an alternative practitioner, I used nutrition to help people with their health needs. I realized many people were consuming incredibly toxic body products. As a master herbalist, I formulated products specifically for the needs of individual clients. My work caught on in the industry and it progressively turned into a full-time job. Thus, SKIN was born.

What is the most revealing thing you learned about the beauty industry?

It surprises me how trusting people are to skin and body products simply because large resourceful companies produce them.

I have always been aware of ingredients. The average beauty product consumer trusts that her products are safe, instead of questioning and understanding how toxic some chemicals can be to the skin. It is more surprising that these companies may say their products are safe. It has been difficult to get people to understand the difference.

Skin KC

Why the interest in citrus fruits while developing your line?

Citrus fruits have healing ingredients. The average consumer is able to tolerate fruit oils much better than herbal essential oils. Actually I am allergic to several herbal oils that many others use. I found that no one was using citrus oils when I began formulating. This was surprising because they are some of the most pleasant and effective oils.

I wanted to have the most pleasant and non-allergenic organic essential oils to fragrance my body care products, which are also active and effective. To get a true organic essential oil, citrus was the best choice.

What are some common household items that are good for your skin?

Honey and coconut oil are great for face and body scrubs. Olive oil can be used as a base for many scrubs by adding sugar, oatmeal or ground coffee.

What special effects does the Daily Greens Nourishing & Hydrating cream provide?

The Daily Greens hydrating moisturizer is our top selling item, and it has been ever since I formulated it. It is packed full of healing and hydrating ingredients. It’s light enough to wear every day and all day, but effective enough to work like as a heavier moisturizer. It has anti-inflammatory green tea, hydrating algae, healing aloe, anti-aging argon, and moisturizing Shea butter. It is an absolute must have for daily wear!

Skin KCWhat’s your best seller and why?

Daily Greens is definitely one of the most popular, but the Seaberry Anti-aging Cream, the Lemonaid Face Wash, the Apricot Clay Mask, and the Lemon Lips Lip Balm are customer favorites!

What is your best advice for youthful, glowing skin?

Wash with a moisturizing, non-irritating face wash every morning. Take off your makeup every evening, exfoliate, and moisturize. Drink plenty of water, and use a natural sunscreen every day.

It’s pretty simple, but definitely routine like brushing your teeth. If skin is taken care of on a regular basis, it will remain glowing and beautiful.

Disclosure: I was provided two 2oz. jars of Daily Greens for a giveaway. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


If you loved learning about SKIN KC, you’ll want to try the products. Visit SKIN online at to shop and/or enter this giveaway. Two lucky winners will receive one 2 oz jar (retail value $38 each) of Daily Greens Nourishing & Hydrating Repair Cream for Face and Neck. It’s a perfect everyday cream for intense hydration, repair of sun damaged skin and anti-aging.

Skin KC

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