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October 25, 2016 15 comments

Looking for affordable, yet striking Indian jewelry? Visit Miraya for beautiful baubles and clutches to perfect an east/west look. Statement earrings are my go-to for South Asian style. If I’m wearing bold earrings, I like to keep it simple with the rest of my accessories. That way all eyes are on my earrings. I absolutely adore this pair, the “Over the Moon” chand balis (moon earrings), especially the price at just $30. They look just as good in person as they do in pictures, even the quality.

In Conversation with Miraya

I spoke to Namrata Loka, owner of Miraya, to find out more about her shop and how she got started. She shares her vision with us and a few of her favorite places to wear these gorgeous accessories around her hometown of San Francisco!

Miraya Earrings

Wearing the Miraya “Over the Moon chand balis and a Ritu Jain Singh gown

What does Miraya mean?

Miraya has two meanings: 1) somebody who is greatly admirable and 2) Lord Krishna’s devotee.

Miraya Jewelry

Why did you start an accessories shop?

Miraya started as a concept magazine as part of my graduate studies. It grew into an all-encompassing lifestyle blogzine featuring content about fashion, career, fitness, and culture. The store felt like a natural extension. I noticed the lack of an affordable and accessible store in the US for contemporary Indian jewelry and accessories. We started out with strong branding and a clear direction, and it all just came together!

Miraya Jewelry

What’s your professional background? And how did you get into this?

I’m getting my MA in Fashion Journalism from the Academy of Art University. I’m also an editor for a wedding portal. Miraya was conceptualized as a class requirement, and every deadline brought with it a new opportunity. Weebly Inc sponsored a scholarship for hosting magazines using their platform and Miraya won. At that point, I felt a sense of accomplishment and realized I want to grow the Miraya brand further. I focused on carving out a niche while starting small and slow. Juggling the whole entrepreneurial venture with school and a job has been crazy, but crazy good. So that’s when I decided to add topics like productivity, career, and work-life balance to the blogzine.

Miraya Jewelry

What type of jewelry do you sell?

Miraya has two main collections: Minal, ethnic, statement jewelry with intricate designs; and Midas, chic, contemporary pieces with touches of gold that are perfect for any ensemble.

You’re located in San Francisco. What are some great South Asian events in the area that you’d wear your Miraya pieces to?

I have a rule where I only curate those pieces for Miraya that I would wear. So I always get an extra piece for myself. I wear Miraya pieces every single day! To be specific, I’d wear them to festivals (Garba and Diwali are both huge in the Bay Area), Bollywood music concerts, art/culture shows and galleries, and museums exhibiting something related to Indian fashion. I also came across an event called Delhi to SF – Diwali Fine Dine Indian Dinner, which I think would be a really cool place to go to.

Miraya Earrings

What are some of your favorite local spots to eat, visit, or play at in the Bay Area?

I always have my laptop. I don’t mind working as long as I’m stationed somewhere. There’s no dearth of coffee shops in San Francisco, but Philz Coffee is my absolute favorite. The coffee is stellar and the atmosphere is vibrant and positive, both of which help me work. I love beaches. Luckily, I live five minutes away from one. I brag about how the beach is basically my backyard, especially when I need a breather. So while soaking in some gorgeous sunset and skyline views, I also shoot a few pictures for my Instagram, or develop a new idea for a post or pin.

Miraya Jewelry

What’s your most popular piece?

Definitely the chand balis! We put in so much effort to play on the word “moon” while naming our chand balis (literal translation is moon earrings), that they caught people’s attention. We ran out of the Golden Moon Pie earrings in the first week!

Visit Miraya

If you’d like to shop my earrings or more, visit https://www.miraya.us/ for Miraya jewelry and accessories. And be sure to check out her blogzine!

Disclaimer: I was gifted these earrings in exchange for a review on my blog. All opinions are my own.

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