Travel Blogging: An Influencer’s Perspective

October 28, 2016 12 comments

Today, I’m continuing my series on “How to Get Paid to Travel” by sharing an experienced perspective on travel blogging from Meg Biram. See Part 1 to learn how to work with a travel marketing company.

Travel Blogging

This summer, I was offered a lucrative blogging opportunity to promote Kansas City as an exciting travel destination. Our host blogger for the trip was Meg Biram. Because she grew up in Kansas City, she was the perfect choice to provide our group the local perspective. I first learned about her passion for travel blogging when she told us she was able to travel to places like Rwanda, Iceland, and Hawaii all because of her blog. During the weekend, Meg motivated us to keep an open mind about travel blogging and look outside the box for collaborations. I was so intrigued by her experiences that I had to share some of her lessons with you.

Travel Blogging with Meg Biram

Travel Blogging

Meg snowmobiling on a glacier in Iceland (Source)

How long have you been a travel blogger? And which destinations have been your favorite?

I’ve been blogging for 9 years this November, and the travel content started about 3 years ago.

It’s hard to say what my favorite places are because so many places are special in their own way. Rwanda was probably the most moving. Zurich, Shanghai, and Hong Kong were really exciting. And Hawaii and the Bahamas are just beyond beautiful.

How did you get into travel blogging? And what interests you most about it?

I would always write about anywhere I traveled to, but the industry didn’t really start paying attention to bloggers and influencers until the past few years. I’ve always loved traveling. To get to do it as part of the dream job I already have is just incredible. I’m always saying, “Pinch me. Is this real life?”

Travel Blogging

Left: Bruarfoss Waterfall in Iceland (Source) | Right: Gorilla Trek in Rwanda (Source)

What were some key lessons you’ve learned about approaching a company/location about putting together travel collaborations?

I would say that most of the times they come to me. But when I have pitched them, it may be because I’ve already cultivated a relationship with them in some way. Or I’m going somewhere on vacation and am trying to collaborate on a smaller level (i.e. paying for my trip). The travel industry is still coming around to influencer marketing.

Do you have any examples of how you had to hustle to make a dream travel collaboration happen?

I’m always hustling, so it’s all normal work to me. I would say that overall I’m very thorough and I always try to under promise and over deliver.

Travel Blogging

Ceiling of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain (Source)

What are some great tips you’ve picked up from other travel bloggers?

I love to see how the other bloggers approach creating content for the trip that we all went on together. That to me is the most interesting — to see the impact it made on them, and how they were inspired by it to create content for their readers.

What type of content has really impressed your clients?

I think my approach to content and the quality of the photographs have stood out to my clients. Several clients have used this post I did about Zurich as an example of what they love about my travel content.

Travel Blogging

Left: Coveted Home Shop in Kansas City (Source) | Right: The Lobby of the The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia (Source)

What tips do you have for newbie travel bloggers to attract travel companies or create their own sponsored opportunities?

Be open and willing to go places you wouldn’t think of. Rwanda was never somewhere I thought of to go, and I had an AMAZING time there. Make sure you try to approach things differently. Don’t take the same photos and tell the same stories everyone else is. If you don’t have the opportunity to travel much, tell stories about your own city. Act like you are visiting and show everyone what is so amazing about it. Go to a drivable destination near your home. Cover that in a way that gives you travel content to start with.

Travel Blogging

Meg at Waterfall in Iceland (Source)

For more about Meg Biram’s travel experiences, visit her blog. Also read this post about why travel is a defining moment in both her life and career.

Photo Credits: All images except the first one are courtesy of Meg Biram.

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