Comm-Ci Leggings

February 3, 2017 29 comments

Five women all had the same style problem. With hectic lives, they sought clothes that were fashionable, could meld to their bodies, and were still comfortable. They created Comm-ci fashionable leggings: a line of modern, high-quality leggings for any of life’s purposes be it work, play, or everything in between.

These leggings fit into my favorite style niche: comfy chic. If it’s something I can sleep in and get away with wearing all day, I’m sold! Here are some of the reasons why I’m a fan of my Comm-ci leggings.

comm-ci leggings

What I Love

  1. The lycra-cotton blend is high quality. The material provides an easy stretch, which molds well to your body. It’s also slightly silky so it doesn’t itch or chafe.
  2. There is also a Modal fiber component, which wicks away sweat, making the leggings breathable.
  3. The top band folds over, which is great if you happen to indulge in a few extra cupcakes. The band is an instant tummy tucker. (Also great for pregnant women to wear as maternity clothing.)
  4. While the traditional legging fit is available, there is also a straight leg fit. The straight leg gives the illusion of a regular pant, but feels like pajamas. These are great for a professional setting too.

comm-ci leggings

Use my exclusive coupon code YasminHakim20 for 20% off your purchase. Plus the leggings are currently $15 off until February 5th!

Disclosure: I was provided a pair of Comm-ci leggings in exchange for a review on my blog. All opinions are my own.

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