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May 2, 2017 40 comments

Happy May everyone! We are well into spring with all the April showers hopefully behind us haha, and May flowers yet to come. Spring is about new beginnings, and also apparently endings with the TV season about to come to a close. While I love spring, I do get a little sad when my shows go on hiatus. Thankfully Netflix is here to help us through the “bleak summer” of television. Some of the shows I am eager to try include: The Get Down Part 2 (Part 1 was flashy and fun), Girlboss, Cable Girls, Chewing Gum, and Dear White People. What’s in your queue?

Blogger Yasmin Hakim in J.Jill navy lace applique pullover

Top: c/o J.Jill / Jeans: Joe’s Jeans / Bucket Bag: c/o Hieleven / Shoes: Zara / Sunglasses: c/o Express / Necklace c/o Express

Hieleven Blush Bucket Bag

About this Look

My new favorite bucket bag from Hieleven in blush. It’s not quite pink, but more of a blush nude. I think this makes it much more versatile because it will go with a lot more looks. Naturally, I paired it with this J.Jill navy blouse because navy and blush are a match made in heaven. What do you think?

J.Jill Lace Applique Pullover and Hieleven Blush Bucket Bag

Blush & Navy on Bangles & Bungalows

What I’m Watching Now

Anyone watch 13 Reasons Why yet? I binged it in three days. It was super suspenseful, and incredibly heart wrenching. I admit I do enjoy watching teen dramas (I’m a huge OC fan from back in the day) even though I am now well out of that age bracket. But we were all teens at some point and understand how tough high school was. The show touched on the culture of bullying in a school atmosphere and how little by little it can eat away at a person’s soul. It’s really hard for an outside party to judge the extent of someone’s suffering, unless the sufferer trusts them enough to let them in. And that is hard because talking about mental health issues is tough enough these days. Some critics say the show drew out the story. I think it was important to spend enough time on how each character was involved and how they were affected. I highly recommend this show, but you will be affected. I am still in a bit of a funk. But it’s a good opportunity to consider how suicide is never a good solution. You leave behind a lot of suffering and the opportunity to live a better life if you get the help you need.

I also started Girlboss. I’m two episodes in, but I’m not quite sure I like it. To be honest, Sophia’s character is a bit annoying at first. Although it usually takes me a bit to warm up to a show. Case in point: I got stuck on episode one of Breaking Bad and have yet to continue. I’ll keep you posted though.

What are you eager to watch in your Netflix queue? I’d love some good recommendations.

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