Naturalizer Sandals Sale: Shoes that Fit

June 16, 2017 16 comments

Say hello to the summer sandals you NEVER have to break in! From the moment I put on a new pair of Naturalizer shoes, my feet are bundled in comfort. They have this thing called N5 Comfort and Contour technology. Not only is there cushioning throughout the shoe, but you get extra cushioning at your pressure points to absorb shock, support weight, and distribute pressure. Plus, the way the shoe is designed, it gives you better balance and properly secures your foot. For clumsy girls like me, twisting around in wedges and heels, that’s fabulous news. Even more fabulous? Their summer sandals sale is going on right now!

Naturalizer Street Style in Yanni Rose Dust Sandals

Naturalizer Yanni Sandals in Rose Dust

Naturalizer Yanni Sandals in Rose Dust

Photography by Meredith Marquardt

Blogger Yasmin Hakim in Naturalizer Yanni Sandals

Photograph by Meredith Marquardt

Style & Fit

I know what you’re thinking. Comfortable shoes…does that mean I have to sacrifice style? Nope! As you can see above, I’m sporting adorable mesh rose gold peep-toe booties. These summer sandals go with everything. And I love how secure my feet feel. From the shape of the arch to the zip up closure and the sturdy block heel, my feet have no room to wobble around.

I cannot wear shoes more than 3″ high without a platform or wedge. I usually lean toward flats or low heels because I care about the comfort of my feet. But sometimes a high heeled shoe is just too cute to pass up. Usually it’s hard to find my size in something stylish. Naturalizer’s shoes range from size 4 to 12, which includes options for my tiny size 5 feet. When I find something I like at Naturalizer, I know that it always comes in my size.

Check out some of my favorite summer sandals below!

Naturalizer Summer Sandals Sale

Disclosure: I was provided a pair of sandals from Naturalizer in exchange for a review on my blog.

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