Problems Women Know All Too Well that a Professional Bra Fitting Will Solve

July 14, 2017 16 comments
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Checking out at the Wacoal St. Louis Outlet store

I talked to a few of my friends about their bra problems. And let me tell you…we shared many of the same ones from side spillage, to underwire digging in, to back bulge, and also overstretched bands. So why are we still living with these gripes when there’s a simple solution: get a regular bra fitting. I visited the experts at the Wacoal St. Louis outlet to learn how to overcome some of the most common bra fitting problems, and of course to receive a new bra fitting. Read on to discover why it’s a game changer.

Wacoal St. Louis Sign Closeup

Visiting Wacoal St. Louis for Your Bra Fitting

The Wacoal St. Louis Outlet is a fabulous place to get your regular bra fitting done. The women there are all super friendly and experts in sizing you correctly. I worked with Rhonda, whom I consider the “bra whisperer”. Going in confident about my bra size, I was skeptical that Rhonda would change my mind. She said you’d be surprised how many women don’t know their proper bra size. In fact 7/10 women are wearing the wring size bra. Soon I realized I was one of those women.

Wacoal St. Louis Outlet fitting rooms

Wacoal St. Louis Outlet fitting rooms

Five years ago I was fitted as a 32C and I was sure this hadn’t changed (more on why everyone changes later). It turns out I’m now a 32D/34C. To convince myself this could be true I tried on several different bras to get a feel for what a 32C feels like versus a 32D and a 34C. Believe me when I tell you, don’t just walk in and purchase a bra according to your size, especially if you haven’t been fitted in over a year. Take the time and try it on to ensure a comfortable fit.

Wacoal St. Louis Outlet Store Interior

The St. Louis Wacoal outlet is one of only two outlets in the country, the other one being in Miami. At Wacoal outlet stores, enjoy older styles at up to 30% off the regular price, bestselling basics at full price, special weekly promotions, and complimentary bra fittings. Wacoal sells a range of sizes. Bands go all the way up to a 44, while cups go all the way up to an I.

WACOAL PRO TIP: Always attach the bra on the outer most hooks (at the tail end of the band). Over time a bra loses its elasticity, stretching the band. If you start by attaching the bra on the tightest hooks (closest to the cups), the bra will stretch to a point where you can’t hook it anymore tightly.

How Do You Know When It’s Time for a New Bra Fitting?

It’s good practice to get refit every 6 months to a year. Our bodies (and breast size) change constantly from things like pregnancy, weight gain/loss, hormonal shifts, illness, and eventually menopause.

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An Expert Bra Fitting Can Solve the Most Common Fit Problems

But here are some of my favorite styles from Wacoal for some of the most common issues we face.

Wacoal full coverage bras

Wacoal full coverage bras

Problem 1: Cup or Side Spillage

A full coverage bra will provide extra support and coverage for your breast tissue and its side seam will prevent side spillage.

3 Full Coverage Bra Options I Love:

Wacoal full coverage bras

Problem 2: Too Much Space in the Cups

Skip the full coverage bra and go for a demi cup or push up bra. This type of bra offers those with smaller breasts greater lift and less coverage so you’re not swimming in your cups.

3 Push Up Bra Options I Love:

Wacoal Push Up Bras

Problem 3: Your Bra is Too Visible Through Your T-Shirt

Try a t-shirt bra. This will provide a smooth look under your clothes with no seams in the front.

3 T-shirt Bra Options I Love:

Wacoal T-Shirt Bras

Problem 4: Boob Sweat

Bralettes provide a more breathable option, especially without the wire, for those who encounter boob sweat.

3 Bralette Options I Love:

Wacoal Bralettes

WACOAL PRO TIP: Not every bra fits the same. You may differ in cup size or band size depending on the type of bra. Do yourself a favor and try your bras on before you buy. A fit specialist can recommend the right cup/band if you feel like the size isn’t up to par.

Wacoal St. Louis Outlet Bra Racks

Wacoal St. Louis Shopping Bag and Store Exterior

Visit the Wacoal St. Louis Outlet for a Professional Bra Fitting

Haven’t had a bra fitting in a long time? Feel like your current bras aren’t doing you any favors? The right bra can really make a huge impact when it comes to comfort and how well your clothes look on you. Visit the Wacoal St. Louis outlet for all your bra and bra fitting needs and up to 30% off the regular price of your bras. And say hi to Rhonda for me!

Wacoal St. Louis Outlet is located at the Taubman Prestige Outlets of Chesterfield, 17107 N. Outer 40 Road, Suite #145, Chesterfield, MO 63005. Call ahead to make your bra fitting appointment at (855) 216-5446. Store information available on their website.

This post is sponsored by Wacoal. All opinions are my own.





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