Pure Elegance in Ritu Jain Singh

August 24, 2017 7 comments

I love a black dress, especially one with a twist. This gown by Ritu Jain Singh features subtle zardozi work (metallic threading) and an attached dupatta (scarf) that drapes effortlessly down one side. The light gold embellishments on the skirt of the gown give a subtle twinkle. It’s the light details that elevate this simple and elegant look — a contemporary take on a traditional style. See more looks by Ritu Jain Singh here and here on the blog.

Yasmin Hakim in Ritu Jain Singh Black Gown

Coming and going in Ritu Jain Singh

Yasmin Hakim in a gown by Ritu Jain Singh

Ritu Jain Singh: Dupatta Details

Ritu Jain Singh Black Gown front and back

Ritu Jain Singh Close up Details

Glamorous in Ritu Jain Singh

What I love most is that she does not rely on machine work or pre-made pieces to adorn her clothing. Once the design has been rendered by Ritu, and the material prepared and stretched for embroidery, each embellishment is hand stitched carefully by skilled artisans. I’ve seen the craftsmanship up front, executed in her workshop. There is an attention to detail and skill that goes into each piece. I can’t wait to share more about this process — hopefully coming soon after my trip to India. Stay tuned!

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