5 Ways to Lounge Like a Goddess with PajamaSutra

September 11, 2017 5 comments

Resting in PajamaSutra #loungelikeagoddess

How many of you are guilty of wearing scrubby pajamas around the house when you’re lounging around? I have a drawer stocked full of them and the holes to prove they’ve been worn to death. When hanging at home, I dress for comfort. But I also believe how you look affects how you feel. If you wear threadbare pajamas, you will feel sluggish. And if you wear something luxurious, you will feel more like a goddess. So why not lounge like a goddess? I’ve partnered with PajamaSutra to share five ways I like to unwind in their luxe Jaipur Rose dressing robe.

5 Ways to Lounge Like a Goddess

Drinking tea in PajamaSutra #loungelikeagoddess

1. Drink a cup of tea: Coffee is too strong for my stomach. But a cup of tea is like one long sip of heaven for me. It’s funny that I love tea now because as a child, I used to frown upon it. My parents would drink three or four cups a day. I didn’t want to end up addicted as well. As I became older I cut out coffee, energy drinks, and soda. Tea became my faithful caffeine ally. That first sip is always so calming, like a deep breath of fresh air.

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2. Shut off your phone: I’m terrible at this because I’m addicted to my iPhone. I’m the person they write those articles for on why smartphones are ruining your sleep. Unplugging for a couple of hours is a good way to clear the head, focus on the moment, and be present.

3. Soothe your senses: Sometimes you need a quick fix. When you feel stressed, it’s usually from sensory overload. Calm at least one of your senses by smelling essential oils scented with natural elements like lavender, jasmine, and ylang ylang. A burst of scent soothes your brain like a little contact high. Two options I love are Adoratherapy Chakra Boosts and Aveda Stress-fix Concentrate.

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4. Catch up on Netflix: I love a good TV show. I’ll play the TV in the background while I’m doing mindless work. Or I’ll unwind to a reliable comedy like Friends or Parks and Rec. It’s a great way to escape for a short period and chill out. Here are some of the shows I’ve enjoyed lately:

  • Black Mirror: I finally watched the first episode and it is crazy. For the last 10 minutes, my jaw hung open. None of the other episodes I’ve seen so far are as disturbing, but they do make you think. This show is good when you want something suspenseful, but shorter than a movie.
  • Atypical: A heartwarming story about a middle class family and each member’s relationship with the autistic teen son. His best friend/co-worker is hilarious, and happens to be a POC (person of color) whose role has nothing to do with his ethnicity. So kudos to more progress in Hollywood!
  • Other noteables: Merlin (fantasy adventure), Drop Dead Diva (romance & dramedy in a courtroom setting), Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce (rich women with problems), Glow (Think OITNB, but set in a wrestling ring)

Lounging like a goddess #loungelikeagoddess

5. Get lost in a good book: With so many options, it’s hard to find books to love. I have so many sample books downloaded on my Kindle app, but only a fraction have been fully downloaded. If the book doesn’t interest me in the first couple of chapters, I’m done. Here are three that do:

  • Contagious: Learn about why things go viral and how to adapt this for your business. It has great tips and anecdotes that can help you reach more people with some creative thinking.
  • Rich People Problems: A guilty pleasure about the drama of high society in Singapore and China featuring an avalanche of fashion references. The author uses short stories that dig deep into each character, but are also interwoven to create a riveting overarching story. Don’t forget to read the first two books: Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend. They’re just as juicy.
  • Unfu*k Yourself: If you liked The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu*k, you’ll enjoy this one too. It’s a step-by-step guide on how to get out of your head and be more productive. Parables, quotes, and convincing real life stories motivate you into changing how you think.

PajamaSutra on Bangles and Bungalows #loungelikeagoddess

If you’re ready to lounge like a goddess, shop dressing robes, bridal robes, and pajamas, all hand block-printed and made from 100% cotton voile, at https://pajamasutra.myshopify.com

Disclosure: PajamaSutra sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.


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