Greenhouse Effect

September 12, 2017 4 comments

I visited the Jewel Box in St. Louis, a gorgeous greenhouse in the heart of Forest Park where palm trees and flowers reign. Outside the Jewel Box, the garden is blooming and the lily pond is in full effect. Inside there’s a serene space for locals and tourists to stop and take a beat. I’m not sure how long the greenery will last this year, but for now it’s a breath of fresh air.

Madsam Tinzin Jacket

Madsam Tinzin Jacket Details

Madsam Tinzin Jacket on Bangles and Bungalows

Yasmin Hakim in Madsam Tinzin Jacket

Madsam Tinzin Jacket Full Length

To compliment the tropical vibes, easy breezy pieces seem fitting. I paired this gorgeous floral embroidered jacket by Madsam Tinzin from the Tales of Brok-pa collection with my favorite pair of jeans and a white tank. When you’re styling a statement jacket for a casual day, all you need is a simple canvas to work with.

I’ve attended a couple of weddings over the years here in the Jewel Box. The greenhouse is a lovely place to share vows. A lofty space in which life literally grows around you signifies the hope for a relationship that will be nurtured and well tended. I love stopping by the Jewel Box every now and then when things become hectic. The serenity of a greenhouse provides a place to contemplate and reflect on the beauty around you and your place within it.

What types of places do you like to visit for a break from it all?


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