Tales of Brok-pa by Madsam Tinzin

September 5, 2017 6 comments

Madsam Tinzin Tales of Brok-pa gown

Yasmin Hakim in Madsam Tinzin

Details of gown from Tales of Brok-pa

Blogger Yasmin Hakim in Madsam Tinzin

Blogger Yasmin Hakim in Madsam Tinzin

Gown from Tales of Brok-pa

Yasmin Hakim in Tales of Brok-pa by Madsam Tinzin

In this fusion look, Madsam Tinzin adopts the Greek influenced draping, colorful ornamentation, and textural elements of the Brok-pa tribe of East India. Silver details are woven through as homage to the group’s affinity for silver jewelry. The simple and delicate flowing fabrics are reminiscent of the fairy tale spirit of this exotic, yet colorful tribe.

About the Brok-pa Tribe

The Brok-pa people of Ladakh, India are almost a modern day relic, diminishing in number, yet full of spirit. The theory is that this tribe of mountain dwellers descends from Alexander the Great’s army and is alleged to be what’s left of the pure Aryan race. However their true origin remains a mystery. Around 4000 people still exist, making it one of the smallest ethnic groups of the world. As they live in an incredibly isolated region, their numbers continue to dwindle.

The exoticism of the Brok-pa is magnified by their style, which includes colorful floral headdresses women may wear while working in the fields. The headdress often includes rows of coins and flowing ribbon. Men might wear a long woolen gown with trousers, yet are also known to style their turban with a flower or two for a burst of color.

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