How to Save Money Every Time You Make a Purchase

November 13, 2017 6 comments

Do you feel like you’re never in control of your finances? That you can’t quite save up for that dream vacation? Or pay off your student loans? Maybe you don’t like to think about finances for fear of being judged for your spending habits. Now there’s a mobile bank that encourages you to feel happier and more confident when it comes to saving and spending. Meet Finn by Chase, recently launched at “Food with Finn” pop-up events around St. Louis. I had a chance to demo the new all-digital bank. Here’s how to save money when you manage your spending and saving with Finn.

Slide Piece Food Truck

How to Save Money with Finn

Finn is designed to help you change your attitude toward banking. Built for the digital generation, it offers intuitive tools that help you save, understand your spending habits, and make better purchasing decisions.

The team at Chase did a ton of research and testing, over 15 months to be exact. They asked millennials about their banking challenges and what drives their spending habits. They found that as spending is often based on emotions and short-term gain, it’s hard to keep track of the long-term impact on one’s finances.

Finn by Chase App

Finn offers a few key tools that harness the power of emotions in your favor to help manage your finances:

Tool #1: Rate Your Purchases

Specify if the purchase is something you want or need. Then tag it with the appropriate emoji based on how it makes you feel.

Tool #2: Autosave

Create spending rules that will automatically save money every time you make a certain type of purchase. For example, transfer $5 from your checking to your savings account whenever you buy coffee. Before you know it, you’ll be saving more money.

Tool #3: Monitor

See your spending trends in one easy chart. By tracking where your money is often spent, you can make more informed decisions about where to save or spend next month.

Since Finn is a bank, you’ll also have all the capabilities of a traditional checking and savings account at your fingertips. Sign up at

Local St. Louis artist John Hendrix

I had the pleasure of trying it out at the Cortex Commons over some hearty chicken sliders and cheese fries courtesy of the Slide Piece St. Louis food truck. Local artist John Hendrix provided some amazing on-site custom artwork. And I also caught up with fellow St. Louis bloggers Summer Albarcha and Laura Heying.

Yasmin Hakim at Cortex Commons St. Louis

While Finn is currently only available for St. Louis customers, Chase will be adding additional cities next year. Check it out here for more information on how to save money with Finn.

Saving with Finn by Chase

Additional benefits:

  • Get $50 when you sign up for a new Finn checking and savings account with direct deposit
  • Receive a debit card with fee-free access at 29K+ ATMs
  • Backed by the safety and security of Chase

Chicken sliders and cheese fries from Slide Piece

This post is in paid partnership with Chase. All opinions are my own.






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