One of the Best Affordable Unique Boutique Hotels in Jaipur

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I’ve experienced some of the most amazing hospitality of my life in India. So naturally I was excited about selecting hotels in Jaipur; I knew an unforgettable experience was awaiting me. On this visit, we chose to stay at a lovely family owned boutique hotel: the Pearl Palace Heritage.

Kutch bedroom at the Pearl Palace Heritage, one of the most affordable unique boutique hotels in Jaipur

The Kutch bedroom at the Pearl Palace Heritage

Attention to Detail

When we arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by how charming it was. The ornate entryway was an inviting indication of the intricate decor in the rest of the hotel. In fact, a team of local and international artisans spends about 3 years to complete each hotel suite. The bedrooms are uniquely designed as an ode to a specific place in India. The room we stayed in, known as the Kutch suite, showcased the beauty and culture of Gujarat.

The art inside the Pearl Palace Heritage Jaipur

Our hotel felt like a thoughtfully curated museum with art and treasures collected over the years. So many things caught my eye. The vibrant red walls along the staircase were framed with vintage pictures of Indian royals, each one more decadently attired than the next. Whimsical patterns were inlaid or painted in everything from the marble floors to the entry’s walls and even the hallways. And each guest room door was carved differently.

Unique interiors of the Pearl Palace Heritage Jaipur

Left – on the second floor landing in Ria lounge pant & robe c/o Pajamasutra ; Right – embellished staircase adjacent to the kitchen

Part of the guest house is still home to the family that owns it. The building was converted into a hotel and maintains that homey feel. For example, our breakfast was served in the downstairs kitchen where we enjoyed fresh masala chai and spiced omelets and even shared breakfast with the hotel’s owner.

Pearl Palace staircase

Loungewear c/o Pajamasutra

Adjoining the kitchen was the sitting room, a parlor fit for a queen. Its peacock theme was imbued with rich hues of teal and pink, making it a charming spot for afternoon tea.

Pearl Palace sitting room

The Kutch Suite

Our bedroom was a marvel to behold. An intricate carving of daily life in Kutch hung over the comfortable twin beds. The walls sparkled with little mirrors reflecting the light of the sun during the day and the moon at night. After seeing the exquisite bedroom decor, we knew we made the right choice amongst the hotels in Jaipur.

Blogger Yasmin Hakim wearing Pajamasutra pajamas at the Pearl Palace Heritage boutique hotel in Jaipur

Wearing Ria lounge pant and robe c/o Pajamasutra

Pearl Palace Heritage balcony views

Peacock Rooftop Restaurant

One of the best parts of our experience at Pearl Palace Heritage was the food. On the first night, we visited Peacock Rooftop Restaurant, the hotel’s dining establishment. The fresh air, tabla players, and lively atmosphere set the scene for a chill evening. The menu had every possible cuisine you could crave. That first night we enjoyed a selection of comfort Indian food. On our last night, we ordered Indo-Chinese for room service. A steaming hot tray of hot and sour soup, sichuan wings, garlic prawns, manchurian noodles, spring rolls and more arrived. After a particularly arduous day of sightseeing, we deserved it and ate to our hearts content.

Peacock Cafe, an outdoor restaurant at the Pearl Palace Jaipur

The outdoor space at the Peacock Rooftop Restaurant

Pearl Palace Peacock Rooftop Restaurant food

Left – the lights outside the hotel for Diwali; Right – pakoras at the Peacock Rooftop Restaurant

Inde Rooh

The Pearl Palace Heritage also has their own line of chic and comfortable cotton clothing. Inde Rooh styles feature traditional block printing and dye techniques of the region. You can find affordable pieces there for around $25 USD. They’re perfect to wear for touring around the city and will keep you cool for hours in the hot, dry climate.

Inside the Inderooh Shop in Jaipur

Inside the Inde Rooh shop in Jaipur

The shop offers clothing for men and women as well as textiles for the home. I have two dresses c/o Inde Rooh and I adore them. If they had a store in the US, I’d shop there all of the time.

Store interior at Inderooh Jaipur

Looking for Hotels in Jaipur?

If you’re looking for hotels in Jaipur and have questions about my stay at Pearl Palace Heritage or about visiting the city, please shoot me an email! I’d love to tell you why this place is a great choice, especially if you seek something unique and comfortable, yet affordable.

Mirror work on the walls of the Kutch bedroom Pearl Palace Heritage Jaipur

The intricate mirror work on the walls of the Kutch suite

Need more of a reason to visit Pearl Palace Heritage? Watch this gorgeous video:


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