How to Spread a Little Sunshine on a Cold Winter Day

December 21, 2017 26 comments

One of the things I look forward to most in the winter is all the cute and cozy style. Winter coats in bright shades and adorable prints, fuzzy sweaters, scarves for an extra dash of color, luxe boots, and of course over the top hats. No one but snowmen look forward to the cold weather. But if you can layer in style, it kind of makes it all worthwhile. Lately I’ve been opting for more color with the dreariness of the season. A cheery yellow winter coat and a rainbow scarf are my go-to items before I leave the house. So no matter what the weather’s like, I always bring a little sunshine with me wherever I go.

Hanging out in St. Charles

Coat, Scarf, Hat, Sweater, Jeans: c/o Boden; Boots: c/o Naturalizer

***Tip: Taking pictures in the cold without gloves only works works when you’ve got a hot beverage in your hand. Otherwise, you may as well wrap your hands with a bow and gift them to frostbite.

Boden Yellow Winter Coat and Check Scarf

I think there’s magic in the color yellow. It always puts an extra pep in my step when I wear it, which helps on dreary days. Actually, I’ve got a bad case of the blues during the winter time. I’m thinking about purchasing one of these light therapy lamps to get me through the winter. Have you tried one? What do you think and which one would you recommend?

Details of Boden Yellow Winter Coat

Another way I like to brighten my day is to pick up some fresh flowers. In a small space, they really liven up a room. During the holidays, some people like to buy an entire tree and put it in their home. Crazy, right?! ๐Ÿ™‚ In all seriousness, I don’t celebrate Christmas. Although I do love the experience of going to the tree lot, browsing the lush green firs, enjoying some cider, and watching excited friends choose their tree. Oh, and finding the perfect photo ops for my Holiday card. What do you think of the one below?

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Christmas Tree Shopping in Boden

Aside from peeking out between Christmas trees, I’ll be spending the holidays watching cheesy Christmas romance movies on Netflix (agreed with Twitter: A Christmas Prince is so awful it’s good), eating lots of cookies and pies, and scouring the online sales this season. That’s pretty much the trifecta of joy for me before the new year.

What are you doing to brighten up the dull days of winter?

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