An Enlightened Twist on Old World Italian at Sardella

January 30, 2018 18 comments

When you walk into Sardella, the bright blue tiles and airy white decor transport you to a seaside European town where the water is crystal clear and the food is fresh. Originally a formal dining hotspot called Niche, the space catered to high end elegant meals. Wanting a change, its chef Gerard Craft reinvented the space. He gave the new restaurant a laid back vibe, while putting just as much heart and soul into the new menu. One of the best restaurants in St. Louis, Sardella was on my wish list to visit for a while. The night turned out to be a memorable culinary experience in Old World Italian food with a twist.

The ambience at Sardella - one of the best restaurants in St. Louis

The booth at Sardella St. Louis

I was a bit obsessed with the blue and white tiles at Sardella and dressed the part. I felt like a chameleon blending into the beautiful blue background.

Hanging out at Sardella St. Louis

Blouse: Loft / Jeans: Articles of Society (similar) / Boots: c/o J. Jill / Purse: c/o Boden / Earrings: c/o Collections by Joya

Sardella Snacks & Small Plates

One of the things I had to try were the Warm Dinner Rolls. I know rolls don’t seem that exciting, but I’m a sucker for buttery bread. These flaky rolls were taken to the next level with a side of wildflower honey butter — a little savory and a little sweet.

Harissa gave the Seared Cauliflower a flavorful kick. The crunch from the garlic chips added another dimension to the dish’s various textures.

The famous flaky warm dinner rolls at Sardella; seared cauliflower at Sardella

I’ve been a bit more adventurous with my food these days. I had to try the Crispy Spanish Octopus, one of their most popular small plates. Comfort food is my jam so it’s nearly impossible for me to resist anything fried. The crunch of the potato pancake and the batter around the octopus complemented the chewiness of the meat brilliantly.

Crispy Spanish Octopus at Sardella - one of the best restaurants in St. Louis

Blue Tiles at Sardella St. Louis

Main & Dessert

When I visit a restaurant like Sardella, I usually opt for the special. Its kitchen is always innovating, introducing new flavors to their menu on the regular. For a daily creative food fix, follow along on their Instagram here.

On the prix fixe menu that night, I was drawn to the rich Tagliatelle Lamb Bolognese. This hearty dish exceeded expectations. Each bit of goat ricotta, savory meat, and soft thick noodles melted in my mouth.

Tagliatelle Lamb Bolognese at Sardella; Chocolate Mint Torte at Sardella

With just a bit of room left for dessert (there’s always room for sweets), we opted for the Chocolate Mint Torte. This is Sardella’s take on an Andes Mint Chocolate candy. The freshness of the mint reduction popped in your mouth, complementing the sweet white chocolate cream well.

Interior Design Details at Sardella St. Louis

I can’t wait to return to Sardella for brunch. The menu looks incredible with Italian inspired dishes like Eggs Benedict Ravioli and Cacio e Pepe Eggs, as well as comfort food like Chicken and French Toast. Wild right?

Take a seat at Sardella St. Louis

Disclaimer: I was invited by Sardella to enjoy the cuisine. All opinions are my own.

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